Tera Patrick

Tera Patrick


7/25/1976, Great Falls, Montana, USA

Birth Name

Linda Ann Hopkins



Also Known As

Brooke Hopkins, Sara Jordan, Brooke, Tera Hopkins, Linda Shapiro, Sadie Jordan, Tara Patrick, Brooke Thomas, Linda Hopkins Shapiro, Linda Ann Hopkins Shapiro
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Born on July 25th in Montana, Tera Patrick is beautiful and brilliant. She's a nurse, with the dream of becoming an infectious disease specialist.

She was discovered in San Francisco when she was 13 and subsequently moved to New York to pursue a career in modeling. She…more


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    • Tera Patrick: There's nothing immoral about my profession. I'm earning a living and it doesn't harm me or the people around me. I was just like any other kid who wanted to get married and settle down – until I was involved in an abusive relationship. I changed direction – and I'm much happier.

    • Tera Patrick: (clarifying what she meant by only shooting for two more years) Well, let me clarify something first. I have already shot about 15 movies that have not been released yet. They will be released over the next 5 years. So when I say I am shooting for 2 more, I will be at least, but there will be new Tera movies for the next ten years.

    • Tera Patrick: (On role playing) We definitely do some role-playing... I like to be totally dominated. I'm such a submissive! When I film girl/girl and they want me to wear a strap-on, I am like no way... too butch, I'm a girly girl!

    • Tera Patrick: (On the rules Tera and her husband Evan set for working with other people) Yes, we have rules. When I work with other guys, Evan has to direct the scenes. When he works with other girls, I get to go out shopping. We deal with it in different ways, but I think that too is healthy, to each their own.

    • Tera Patrick: (On Reign of Tera 2: Return to the Asian Love Palace) Reign of Tera 2: Return to the Asian Love Palace is the highly anticipated sequel to my most successful movie of all time, Reign of Tera: Enter the Asian Love Palace. I personally hand pick all the girls in the Reign of Tera series to bring a veritable 'who's who' of hot Asian girls to my fans. The movie brings us back to the Asian Love Palace, an Asian brothel owned by my one time romantic interest, Mr. Jonez (Spyder), and operated by yours truly.