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  • I am excited about getting this opportunity to express my thoughts, opinions and admiration for a person, who in my opinion, deserves to be recognized for being herself, not just Dale Earnhardt's widow, or Dale Jr.'s stepmother or business partner. She imoreless

    What I'm about to write is in no way meant to be too personal, or to make anyone feel uncomfortable at all. I am grateful to be able to express myself about Teresa Earnhardt. This isn't meant to idolize her, but just to share with others the admiration I feel for her. To begin with, she is one classy lady. She handled herself with such dignity and grace during a time that must have been undoubtedly, one of the most heart breaking times in her life. I personally, don't think I could come close to handling losing my husband the way she did. I think that it's horrible the way she had to go to court to fight for their right to privacy at all, much less so soon after that tragic day. That is one of the main reasons I have no respect for most of the media. In any tragic event that you watch on the news, where someone lost a mate or even a whole family, the first thing you see is someone shoving a microphone into someone's face, and the reporter asking, "How do you feel about this," or "How is this affecting you?" My point being, how do you think this person feels? Anyone who has a heart or any common sense at all knows that a tragedy like that will affect someone in every aspect of their life. Getting back to Teresa though, she started out like the rest of us, getting an education, then digging in and working hard to reach her goals. In all that I have read, I know that Dale and Teresa made an excellent team, both inside and outside of the office. Together they built an empire and now that she's left to carry on, I have the utmost respect for her and all that she's done. She's been criticized for decisions or choices she has made and my response to those "critics" is that they need to walk a mile in her shoes before making any kind of comments. She has never claimed to have all the answers, but what ever she has done, she's done it with grace, confidence and class. I admire how she chose to move forward with everything instead of shutting herself off from the world, like so many of us would have done. She has been a pillar of strength for her family, friends and fans, and has helped their kids deal with such a terrible loss, with love and compassion. I read a lot of the magazines and most of them refer to her as a "stepmother" to the three oldest ones, however, I just see her as a mother to them. (I personally don't like any family member being called a "step" anything), that's just a pet peeve of mine. To me family is family, and in this day and time, a kid can have two moms, dads or siblings. I know that she's a very private person and that she doesn't want all the attention and media glare constantly in her and her families lives, on the very personal and intimate parts of it especially. I truly admire her and the way she handles herself, given her position and status in a sport that is so public.

    So many people in the public eye as she is, would be flaunting their position, or cashing in on the name she bears, to make another dime, but not her. That's where the grace comes in. She does make a living being an Earnhardt, but she worked hard for the life she has, helping in building the empire known as DEI, and now carries on that business alone. Everything they did to start this company, was done by their own abilities, and as I've read before, by knowing when to close the checkbook. They started out by living within their means being honest, hardworking, dedicated people, with nothing just handed to them, and to this day, she still carries on by living and exercising the same principles. I think she is an awesome lady and is very deserving of all the awards she has received. She's been Mother of the Year, she's received a Life Time Achievement Award, and countless other awards. Whether it's running a business, being a wife, being a mother, or just being herself, Teresa Earnhardt does it all with pride, grace, confidence and class. She is truly a classy lady and I'm sure that everyone who knows her would agree.


    Katherine Bowlingmoreless