Teresa Pavlinek

Teresa Pavlinek


8/11/1970, Toronto, Ontario

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Women Fully Clothed, Theresa Pavlinek
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Teresa, along with the cast of History Bites, was nominated for Best Ensemble Performance at the Gemini Awards in 2005.

    • Teresa was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award in 2000 for her part in History Bites.

    • Teresa is a vegan right down to her footwear as she only wears vegan shoes, especially those from Stella McCartney.

    • Teresa is a member of a group of 5 comics who teamed up for a sketch show called "Women Fully Clothed". The show has been running almost always sold out since 2005 but they started their run on October 2, 2004. The other members are Jayne Eastwood, Robin Duke, Debra McGrath and Kathryn Greenwood.

    • Her favorite movie of all time is "Raisin Arizona" but she says that "Young Frankenstein" comes in close second.

    • Teresa is the second tallest comic actress after Bea Arthur; she is 5'11" (1.80 m).

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