Terra Vnesa

Terra Vnesa


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Terra Vanessa Kowalyk



Also Known As

Terry Vnesa, Terra Vanessa, Terra Vanessa Kowalyk
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A young actress that landed a role in a 2002 movies, called "Hurt". She started was first widely noticed and her best performance in her role as Melissa Chapman in the television series "Animrophs. Kowalyk also guest starred in other children's shows, "Goosebumps" and "Real Kids, Real Adventures".


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  • This girl is one of these actresses who is not as famous as other actresses her age...

    Here's why: She is not getting any really big roles on popular movies. Some popular movies out now, include Twilight. In case you don't know, that's a movie about Vampyres or Vampires. Spell it the way you want, but Terra, though she IS attractive, is not getting an incredibly big break at the moment. If she were a celebrity in The Sims, she would have about 3.5 out of 5 stars. Now somebody like Kate Winslet would have 4.5 or even 5 stars by now! If you've noticed, there is not a lot of information about actors who took up starring roles in Goosebumps episodes, which I have been reviewing a lot lately. Maybe in the future, these people will get their breaths of Super-Fame.moreless
  • Shes talented, young and beautiful. What else could you want in an actress

    I have seen her act in a few things and was very impressed in what she has done. I really loved her acting in \'Hurt\', where I felt she was the best thing about the whole film. I saw her on a TV Movie called \"Too Young To Be a Dad\", and she played a young-punky type of girl, really well. I believe she is very talented and I can\'t wait to see her in more roles. I hope that she gets a BIG break soon, so the rest of the world can this talented young actress. I saw her in a few tv commercials. One a few years ago, a Dorito\'s commercial, she looked pretty hot. Oh ya, I forgot to mention that shes gorgeous too.moreless