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  • T.O. talks a big game, but plays a bad one.

    Now that T.O. is with the Cowboys, he hasn't showed any result that he's the best WR, or even a great player on the field. He always misses passes and then wants to complain that he didn't get enough passes or blames his lack of catching skills on other players, the quarterback, and the coach. First of all, a majority of the passes he is thrown he either misses or drops. Out of the 16 weeks of the regular season, he probably averaged about 1 or 2 catches per game. Also, T.O. couldn't run his route with a map. He's hardly ever in the position he's supposed to be in to catch the ball. Perhaps this explains his lack of catches... rather than just blaming it on the coach. It's no wonder him and Parcels are always getting into it after each game. So don't really count on T.O. to be with the Cowboys during the next season if Parcels stays. Even Jerry Jones currently wants him gone. The only way he'll stay is if the sucking up he was doing during the last couple of games of the season worked on either the players, Parcels or Jerry Jones. To sum up, T.O. has fallen short this season and then becomes a jerk about his own failures. He thinks he's the best player & WR out there, but is sadly mistaken. Unless he starts playing as a team instead of an individual, Owens will never become the best he could be.
  • One more chance.

    Terrell Owens is possibly the best reciever currently playing today, but his attitude percieves him. His attitude makes him seem like a huge jackass which I wouldn;t be surprised if he was off the field. He led the Eagles to their own downfall by his antics off the field and got suspended for it. And now hes back, back in blue playing for The Cowboys after Jerry Jones signed him. Many say he will erupt again, but I believe he will not. This is possibly his last chance to prove hes a player with class and talents. If he does choose to erupt, he can kiss his career goodbye because I wouldn't want to sign him after causing trouble with 3 teams.
  • Terrell Owens is the best Wide Reciever in History

    Terell Owens is the most dynamic wide reciever in the game today the man is so electrying he can jump for balls and he can out hustle his oppenent and he even can break tackles off of devensive backs.Terrell Owens is known for his disruption off the feild he got traded from the niners because he couldent handle his quarterback Jeff Garcia And the same in Philly He couldent handle Donovan Mcnabb who is a personal favorite of mine But Terrell Owens made those quarterbacks great even though Mcnabb was already great he made him better Terell Owens is the best Wide Reciever in the game today