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  • Trivia

    • Terri appeared in the very short-lived NBC series Mr. Smith, a experience she didn't enjoy.

    • Terri is the youngest of three siblings.

    • Terri's real life pregnancy was brought into the screen while filming Dynasty.

    • Terri tried to commit suicide once.

    • While pursueing an acting career in NY, she worked as a waitress in a disco.

    • Terri's shyness derived into an addiction to drugs and alcohol to feel more mature and less inhibited.

    • Terri did some modeling from ages 4 to 13, but she felt awkward, being a lot taller than other kids my age.

    • In her free time, Terri likes playing the piano, singing, exercising or simply going for a walk.

    • Terri married Chris Hager (whom he met on the set of North and South) the very day the show made its television premiere. They watched it on their wedding night.

    • Terri's shyness made her mother enrole her at the Merry-Go-Round Playhouse acting school for children when she was nine.

    • Terri has taken part in prime time drama series such as Law & Order and Cold Case.

    • Terri was nominated in two categories in the 2007 SoapCentral Dankies Awards: Most Missed Performer and Outstanding Special Guest or Recurring Performer for her role as Iris Dumbrowski on As the World Turns.

    • Terri Garber is a successful real estate agent.

    • Terri's acting debut happened in 1982, on the soap opera Texas, where she played Allison Linden. Her screen breakthrough was in the action movie Toy Soldiers (1984).

    • Terri was voted The Hottest New Vixen of the Year by TV Guide in 1985.

    • When she married Chris Hager in 1985, she wore the same gown her character Ashton Main had worn in the television mini-series North and South.

  • Quotes

    • (About her character in North and South)
      Terri: The meanest of the mean, but she did it all with a smile so you couldn't really hate her. She was fun. She slept with seven West Point men, one after another, and was in on a plot to assinate Jefferson Davis. People still come up to me in airports and comment on that (laughing), about the West Pointers, not about trying to kill Davis.

    • (About her abuse of drugs and alcohol)
      Terri: It was such a horrible experience that I just stopped. I don't regret what I went through. Had I not experienced it then, maybe I'd be experiencing it now. I just feel it's something that's over and done with. Maybe I had to experience that then to be where I am now.

    • (About her marriage)
      Terri: I eloped with Molly's dad in Natchez. It was really wonderful. Kirstie Alley and Genie Francis and their significant others (Parker and Jonathan) were in attendence. We married at a little Bed and Breakfast place right next to a bar called Natchez Under the Bridge... I think that's what it was called. After the ceremony we all went to the bar. Jonathan played the sax with the band and I sang My Man to my husband. It was great.

    • (About the women she has portrayed)
      Terri: I think being an actress helped me because I was able to play outgoing women even though I was shy. I was able to live through those characters. I am still shy to a point. If it's anything to do with my daughter I'm fierce. Molly calls me mama lion. When it has to do with me, I'm a little more hesitant. But with age, I've become more outgoing, more confident. I'm a Capricorn. I hear that Capricorns come into their own the older they get.

    • (About Heaven and Hell)
      Terri: We just went with the flow on H & H. It was different, we were older. not as fun as the first and second but still fun.

    • (About the North and South book trilogy)
      Terri: I read book one and two. Because there were characters in the novels that weren't in the show, it was interesting to see the different story lines. I thought they were great books to read. Very engrossing.

    • (About working with Philip Casnoff in North and South)
      Terri: Philip and I got along very well. I think the first scene we ever filmed together was a bed scene. He had never done a love scene before and was very nervous. It was cute. It was like hi there, nice to see you... shall we hop in bed? Actually, we had it choregraphed and blocked so that we knew exactly how we were going to do everything. That makes it easier. Also, there were about 100 people in the room so it's not very romantic.

    • (About her projects)
      Terri: As for now, I have no projects in the works. The holidays are always slow but starting in Feb. TV season really picks up so I'm looking forward to that. In the meantime, I keep my fingers crossed for Iris. I would be happy playing her until I'm 80 years old.

    • (About her daughter's professional life)
      Terri: My daughter Molly is following in her mother's footsteps. She's a musical theatre major. She is an amazing dancer and singer. I'm happy she's doing it because she loves it. Did I want her to do it? I want her to do whatever makes her happy. However, she does know it's a VERY hard life because she's experienced all the ups and downs with me. She's got a much better head on her shoulders than I ever had. She'll do great.

    • (About how she got interested in real state)
      Terri: I got interested in real estate because I love seeing how other people live. I just love it. I love all different kinds of homes and furnishings. I had a great time in real estate while I lived in LA. I tried doing it when I moved back to NYC but really hated it. So, I stopped doing it after a few months.

    • (About her favourite kind of music)
      Terri: I love to listen to music. My Ipod is very eclectic. Ranges from Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland to Counting Crows, David Bowie, Fiona Apple. I just keep it on shuffle so that it randomly picks out different artists. I especially like listening when I'm on the subway.

    • (About why she left Dynasty)
      Terri: I left Dynasty because I was stupid. One of my big regrets! I didn't know that it would last only one more season. If I'd have known, I probably would have stayed. It just wasn't that much fun to do and I didn't want to be type cast, so I left. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    • (About her favourite s cenes in North and South)
      Terri: I loved my wedding night to James Huntoon. Pretending that it was my first time. I also loved the scene where Brett comes to stay with Ashton in Charleston after Brett had a fight with Orry because he didn't want her to marry Billy. Oh and I really liked the scene where Ashton influences Madeline to leave because it would be too hard on the family if word got out that she was part negro. I think those are the ones that stand out in my mind. Boy, that was a long time ago.

    • (About which North and South cast member she keeps in touch with)
      Terri: About North and South. It really was a great time. I still stay in touch with Lesley Anne Down. Philip Casnoff and I were part of a Theatre group in Los Angeles so we did play readings together. Kirstie Alley and I lost touch a few years back. But that's about it in terms of who I stay in touch with.

    • (About what she likes to do in her spare time)
      Terri: In my spare time I love to cook, see movies, spend time with my daughter and boyfriend and with my dog Max. He's gorgeous. He's a Maltese/Poodle mix. I love him to death. I'd love to say that I exercise a lot but that's one of those things I just can't seem to make as part of my daily routine. I'd rather sleep. Haha. Who wouldn't?

    • (About how she describes herself)
      Terri: I would describe myself as a bit of a loner. I enjoy spending long periods of time by myself, and then I'll go on a jag and be very social. I think as I've gotten older I've become more confident and therefore more gregarious and outgoing. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm honest and I'd like to think I'm a very good friend. On the downside, I'm emotional and that's not always a good thing but, that's who I am.