Terri Irwin

Terri Irwin


7/20/1964, Eugene, Oregon, USA

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Terri Raines



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Terri Raines
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Terri Irwin was born in Eugene, Oregon, in 1965. When she grew up her dad use to bring home injured animals, he found along the highway, Terri would help nurse the animals back to health, which made Terri commit to save and rehabilitate wildlife. In 1986 Terri started…more


Trivia and Quotes

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    • Terri said that her whirlwind media tour of the U.S. in January 2007 (which included Bindi) is her way of saying thank you to all the fans around the world who offered so much support to the Irwin family following Steve's accidental death in the fall of 2006. The media tour is also her way of dealing with the ongoing grief.

    • Terri confirmed at the NPC luncheon that the Irwin family will maintain their close ties to the Discovery Channel, the Travel Channel, Discovery Kids and Animal Planet, all of which are divisions of Discovery Communications. Her daughter Bindi's new show (Bindi the Jungle Girl) will air on Discovery Kids in September 2007.

    • At the National Press Club luncheon, Terri was asked what she liked most about Steve. She paused a second and then said, "Well, there's a lot of children here, so..." to much laughter.

    • Terri saved all of Steve's extensive written plans. She will continue to carry out Steve's plans to expand Australia Zoo and to promote wildlife conservation activites around the world.

    • Terri plans to remain in Australia with her children Bindi and Bob for the foreseeable future. She confirmed this at the National Press Club luncheon.

    • Terri and Bindi spoke at the National Press Club on January 19, 2007 in Washington, D.C. The topic was the life of Steve Irwin. Terri spoke about meeting Steve for the first time in 1991, about Steve's unconditional concern for Bindi and little Bob, his devotion to wildlife conservation and future plans for Australia Zoo.

    • Terri has confirmed she destroyed the film showing Steve Irwin being fatally speared by a stingray once it was no longer needed by investigators probing his death.

    • On January 14, 2007, it was announced that Terri would take on the role of Australian tourism ambassador. She will not be paid for her role.

    • Terri has taken her daughter, Bindi Sue Irwin, to a psychologist after fearing that Bindi seemed too happy after her father's, Steve Irwin's, death. However a doctor assured Terri that it was good her daughter was so well-adjusted and able to deal with tragedy.

    • Terri presented the Special Achievment award to Sir David Attenborough at the 2006 British National Television Awards.

    • Terri Attended Steve's memorial service, but did not address the audience, she was seated next to an empty seat with Steve's "Australia zoo" cap on.

    • Terri's favorite animal is a cougar.

    • Terri took over the family business when she was 20-years-old. She gave it all up when she moved to Australia to live with Steve.

    • Terri is not a fan of spiders but for the filming of the Crocodile Hunter movie she had to let a huge spider crawl up her leg. The only thing that keep her sane was knowing that Steve was right next to her.

    • Terri is a certified Zoologist.

    • Her first child, Bindi Sue Irwin, was born on July 24 1998 at 9:46 PM, weighing 6lb 3oz.

    • Terri Irwin was made an an honorary member of the "Order of Australia" for services to wildlife conservation and the tourism industry in 2006. "Honorary" membership in "the Order of Australia" is a version of the award given to citizens born outside of Australia.

    • Terri got engaged to Steve Irwin just three months after they met and the couple married eight months later, on June 4, 1992.

    • Terri has two older sisters.

    • Terri's second child, Robert Clarence, is named after Steve's father Robert and Terri's dad, Clarence.

    • Terri Irwin refers to Steve Irwin as her soulmate and wildlife warrior.

    • Terri Irwin thanked the public for their overwhelming outpouring of love, support and prayers for her family following her husband Steve's death.

    • Terri's husband Steve Irwin passed away on September 4, 2006 after being stung by a stingray.

    • Terri Irwin was told of her husband Steve Irwin's death while on a walking tour in Tasmania. She then returned quickly to the Sunshine Coast with her two children, daughter Bindi and son Robert.

    • Her second child, Robert Clarence Irwin, was born on December 1st 2003. He weighted a nice 7lbs, 4 ozs.

    • Terri plays herself in the 2002 film, "Collision Course".

  • Quotes

    • Terri: (about her daughter, 8 years old at the time) Bindi is a remarkable little girl. There are times when she astounds me. I understand that if you don't know Bindi, or if you have a child who has stage fright, then it might seem odd that she can walk out in front of a huge crowd and talk so well, but you have to understand, she's been in front of crowds since she was born. Her birth was filmed. She's been comfortable with cameras and filming her whole life. There is nothing abnormal about her life. The tooth fairy brings her money for her teeth when they fall out. We have Christmas like everybody else. She goes to school here at the zoo. We have a teacher, Miss Emma, who goes everywhere with us. Bindi likes Britney Spears, and she loves the pop star Pink. She's a normal kid.

    • Terri: I think if it had been me who had gone first, then I would want Steve to be there for the kids, and I would want him to hold his head up and continue. I wouldn't want him to fall in a heap. I am still finding out how it all works, but I do know that Steve and I have a bond that will always be there. I'll always be able to tap into that and I'll just do my best to get stronger every day. I need to for my kids. I need to for the wonderful people at this zoo, for Steve's dream, and for the wildlife he wanted to save.

    • Terri: (a few months after her husband died) I can be watching a toothpaste commercial and start crying. I just have to work through it. But I'll tell you, some days I expect him to walk through that door.

    • Terri: (receiving the 2007 TV Week Logie Hall Of Fame Award on behalf of Steve) What goes through my mind is that he should be here. There's that natural feeling of unworthiness - that it shouldn't be me up there. Steve's done all the hard work and I really miss him. But Steve's goal was to talk about humanity and the environment and our future. I think he would be very proud, honoured and also surprised.

    • Terri Irwin (on her daughter, Bindi Sue Irwin): Just like Steve did, Bindi's got that strange communication with wildlife, it's beautiful to watch. It instills a real empathy within all of us. That's a big part of our message.

    • Terri Irwin (on their first Christmas without Steve): I'll just tell Steve how much we love him and miss him and how much we wish he were here with us, but I'll also let him know that he is still very much a part of our Christmas Day and very much a part of our family. It's very important to me that Bindi and Robert have a wonderful day, that they feel very comforted, very loved and very happy on this most special of days. We know Steve won't be with us this year physically but I'm sure he'll be sharing it with us in spirit.

    • Terri Irwin (on taking a break from Australia Zoo and official duties before travelling to the US): We're just stepping off the world for a little while, just doing all those wonderful things together a family does. Steve would want us to be happy, he would bless our Christmas joy with all of his big, big heart.

    • Terri Irwin: Steve always says, "Whatever you do, keep rolling!" I tell him "They aren't going to show it if you die."

    • Terri Irwin (When asked how it was like feeding a croc for the first time): The first time was about two years after Steve and I were married because I had to drum up enough courage. I had the feeling that I was in front of a loaded cannon that would go off at any time and would have to dodge the cannonball once it went off. It was overwhelmingly exhilarating. They are a camouflage predator and if you are near them at the water's edge they will get you. The first time I did it, I almost wet my pants, to be honest with you.

    • Terri Irwin (Talking about how they handle being famous): Well, I think our life isn't quite the 'Truman Show'. We do go home and that's where we draw the line. And I think home is really nice with Steve. We love it, we embrace it. We have an evening together and we don't talk about all the problems and dramas and cry on the floor, about, you know, animals that need our help. We just concentrate on being a family.

    • Terri Irwin (In a 2003 interview): We were very sad three years ago to lose Steve's mother in an automobile accident, and I think, because she was so young, just in her 50s, and I think that was, and still is, the most difficult point for Steve. It's been, um, an insurmountable obstacle.

    • Terri Irwin (In a 2003 interview): We get a salary out of the zoo, like everybody else has a wage. But what was funny is when we first started filming 'Crocodile Hunter', and Steve and I said: "Everything 'Croc Hunter' goes into conservation" the merchandise, the videos, the shows, the sponsorship, "everything 'Crocodile Hunter' does." It was years before we made any money. Now that we're so successful with the project, it's a point of pride. There are varying degrees of success in our life, but we don't accept failure - there will be no failure.

    • Terri Irwin (Talking about her first meeting with Steve): My background in America was working with an organisation called Cougar Country, which I founded to work with predatory mammals. And so coming to Australia and discovering this Tarzan, if you will, of a guy, I was a little bit sceptical. So after talking to him and finding out that he absolutely lives for his conservation work, I was really attracted to those ethics. That really drew me in, and I think I fell in love with his spirit before noticing those great shorts. But I did notice the great shorts too.

    • Terri irwin: I cannot see how a memorial service for Steve would work in any other place other than the Crocoseum, which he built here at the zoo and of which he was so proud.