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Terri McCoy

Terri McCoy

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  • Terri McCoy is one of the greatest directors of all times. Terri McCoy was the director for "Showtime at the Apollo!" Terri worked along with Suzanne de Passe the executive producer for the Apollo! She has also worked on many other television programs aromoreless

    By Joshua Trimiar

    Terri McCoy Directed the world's famous "Showtime at the Apollo!" Terri is the first person in network television to open the doors and give me a inside look on how T.V. productions are made. A lot of youth, like myself cannot get a chance to get the inside view of how television shows are made. I am a Independent Producer and shoot shows at MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network). Terri has helped me keep my head up high and has told me to CONTINUE and FINISH highschool and go to college to continue the career of media and Television. When I start directing or Producing shows, I would do the same thing for another youth as Terri did for me! You can make a big difference in some bodies life! This is a Thank you so very, very much Mrs. Terri McCoy for helping me. You may have saved my life! Thank You! Thank You Terri McCoy!

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    email: ceojaymin@yahoo.com

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