Terri Nunn





6/26/1959 , California

Birth Name

Terri Kathleen Nunn




Terri is a pixie at 5'2".

Her astrological is Cancer which makes her nurturing, motherly, home loving, sensitive, psychic, and sensual.

Terri's mom, Joy Mitchell, is an Astrologer and cancer survivor.

Terri Nunn joined the new wave band Berlin in the late 1970's and had several hits including "The Metro", "Sex", "Take My Breath Away", "No More Words", "Masquerade" and a few remakes such as Marylin Manson's "Dope Show" and Madonna's "Live To Tell".

She and the original members of Berlin recently got back together for a night on VH1's Bands Reunited.

Terri has a degree in health & nutrition, which she earned in the mid 90's. Her daily routine includes making her own special fruit smoothies and says she enjoys exercising nude.

Terri is married and has two young step-sons.

Terri Nunn replaced Toni Childs as the lead singer of Berlin.