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  • As a professional football player, Terry Bradshaw was one of the greatest. As an actor, he is average, but I've always enjoyed watching him. As a professing Christian, he is an embarrassment to Christianity.

    I've been a Dallas Cowboy fan since I was a little boy. I loved to watch the Pittsburg Steelers play the Dallas Cowboys during the 1970's. Even though Roger Staubach is one of my favorite quarterbacks of all times, I have to admit that Terry Bradshaw was one of the greatest. He threw many interceptions, but he proved himself to be a top competitor and a winner.
    I've also enjoyed watching Terry Bradshaw as an actor. I wouldn't consider him one of the greatest of all times, but he is average.
    However, I'm truly embarrassed by one of Terry's latest endeavors. I heard him being interviewed about a new movie, where he was filmed in his "naked room." His response was that he wanted to be the first professional athlete to win an Oscar. What about his Christian testimony?
    The spirit of my remarks is that of constructive criticism. I hope Terry will read these remarks and realize that he has let many Christians down. I was proud to say that Terry Bradshaw professed to be a follower of Jesus Christ. If he really is, he will repent.