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Terry Hodgkinson's pursuit of excellence started at age twelve when he began training in martial arts. He went on to become a martial arts and meditation instructor, eventually owning multiple schools over fifteen years.

After experiencing the power of the mind through martial arts and meditation, Terry expanded his knowledge and business experience by opening and operating a Positive Changes Life Improvement Centre in Toronto, Ontario. He received his master's certification in Psycho-linguistics and hypnotherapy from Dr. Patrick Porter. Terry also trained with Dr. Tad James at Advanced Neuro-Dynamics and with Dr. John Grinder, the co-founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. From apprenticing with the Ojibwa Native Indians in healing circles and sweat lodges to studying in over a 100 different temples, ashrams and schools world wide, Terry feels a deep respect for all of his teachers. In 2008, Terry was appointed VP of training for PorterVision, the creators of the ZenFrames™, a creative visualization relaxation system that assists people in realizing their "Personal Achievement Zone".

With the recent publishing of his book "Memoirs of a Wandering Ninja –Walking the Path of Enlightenment" and his guided auditory meditations, Terry has made himself available to a larger number of people on a global scale.

Terry has joined the leagues of Dr. Richard Bandler, Paul McKinna, Dr. Patrick Porter in becoming a Strategic Mind-Messaging Provider for Quantum Dreams.

Terry's seminars, retreats and courses promote health and well-being. His unique and devotion to his clients and students have given him an outstanding reputation. Some of his highly acclaimed seminars and retreats include: Break Through and Succeed, Tai Chi Vitality, Women's Assault Prevention, Meditation and Awareness, and the Satori Awakening Intensive. Terry can tailor his seminars for specific requests. He also offers his services as a speaker and personal coaching.