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    • Terry's nickname, Compton Ass Terry, comes from a fictitious backstory that Terry Kennedy and Bam Margera met after Bam took a wrong turn and ended up in Compton, which he then gave him the nickname.

    • Terry's sponsors are Baker Skateboards, Boost Mobile, Venture Trucks, KR3W Clothing, and Ice Cream Footwear.

    • Terry is a member of the LBC (Long Beach Crips).

    • Every time Terry is seen on Viva La Bam, the intro to the instrumental version of "Got Some Teeth" by Obie Trice or "Lost Your Mind"by Aceyalone is played, usually while Terry is doing some kind of hip hop dance.

    • Terry Kennedy was shot leaving a Long Beach party. He was shot 3 times, once in the jaw, the forearm, and his thigh. He made a full recovery.

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