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    I have really only noticed Terry O'Quinn from television's "Lost" where he plays the once wheelchair bound, John Locke. Reviewing solely based on his performance on "Lost," I have to say that I really enjoy his acting as he brings a high level of intensity to his character.
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    I think and know that apart from the disabiliy, back story and appearance, Terry is quite alike the character he plays Terry. I don't like his character but I think that he plays he he has to and he does a fine job of it.
  • Pretty good actor.

    I first saw him in the X-Files, it was in the second season. I then saw him in the movie and in another episode later on, all of them with different characters. His characters in the X-Files were very interesting, and all of them died. I then saw him in Lost and last I saw him in Alias, where he was not liked by Syd and Vaughn. I think that he is a good actor but for some reason I love to hate his charcters, especailly the one on Alias. I think that Locke is a very...speacil individual and that he just keeps getting weirder and weirder as the show goes on, almost a creepy weird.
  • Terry O'Quinn is a great actor and a great guy to be around as well!

    Terry O'Quinn is not only a great actor, but he's a great guy. He was my dad's best friend in college, and I have had the opportuniy to meet him a few times. I have read that he is usually a quiet and unsocial man, but I don't think this is true. Whenever I have seen him, he is laughing and making jokes that are funny! I also loved his multiple roles that he had in the X files. He was always one of my favorite actors in the show. Also, he is easily the best actor on Lost, in my opinion. Terry O'Quinn...great actor...great guy.
  • The original "Bad Stepfather"

    I simply can't forget his role as the stepfather - evil to the core! Locke is only a minor stretch for this guy. Heck, he even had hair then.

    His acting as Locke is without a doubt superb. He starts out as a guy in a chair, and ends up as likely the strongest guy on the island. There is no doubt from the look (Locke) in his eye this guy could put a "bullet in your a**" in a heartbeat - yet, he seems to be concerned for his fellow passengers. All - in - all, a great character!
  • good actor...

    Terry O'Quinn is probably best known for playing John Locke in ABC's Lost. He does a pretty good job with the show. He has a character that he can do a lot with which makes it easier to look like a good actor. The writing on the show for his character also make it easier for him to do well. But anyways, he is a good actor. I've also seen Terry O'Quinn on an episode of NCIS called "Enigma". He did an awesome job as the main guest star. He played a schitzophrenic person that seeked Gibbs's help. Anyways, he did very well on that show; actually, I though he acted better on NCIS than he does in Lost. Oh well, he's a good actor and he can play different roles well.
  • Terry on Alias

    Terry would have done wonders for Kendall if they would have kept him on instead of dixson on alias. He really should have been given a shot. Instead they give his job to Dixon (who I have never seen as a leader). If they would have given him a chance maybe the 3rd season would have been a lot better.
  • mysterious..........

    I like him on Lost because he has dry humor or the role he plays does I dont really care. what I mean by that is he can say something and be serious and it be funny. How many people have watched Jaws? if you havent have you heard the famous line in that movie from someone who has? the line "We're going to need a bigger boat" the person who said that was just so calm it was like it was natural and because of that it was funny. well Locke {Terry O Quinn} says "We're goin' need to watch that again" in Lost just like in Jaws and it was hilarireus to me. I also think he is talented. very actually
  • Great Actor.

  • He deserves the great role(s).

    He is a great actor for Lost. His acting in the show is completely believable. Terry O'Quinn shows how complicated his character can be sometimes. At first I thought Locke (Terry's character) was going to be a bad man, but I was surprised when I saw how wrong I was. His character agruably has one of the saddest pasts out a majority of the other characters in the series, and he is capable of maintaining it very well. I look forward to his future performances in this series and other possible future projects. I wish him luck for finding acting jobs in the future, but I have a feeling that his acting abilities will make him a favorable choice.
  • Plays John Locke on Lost.

    Terry O'Quinn is a very talented actor who's best known for playing the character John Locke on the t.v. show, Lost. Locke is basically the "Man of Faith" on the island and believes everything happens for a reason and destiny decides everything. I think his best moments on the show are when he's with Ben Linus, played by Michael Emerson. When those two are together you're bound to have a good scene. I know that Terry was in films and other t.v. shows, but Lost is definately his best accomplishment. I hope he stays on Lost until the end. The End.
  • "That guy from Millennium."

    ....that's how I started my fandom with Terry O'Quinn. I first say him in Millennium and liked him from the start. He had a sense of "presence" and authority, inside an air of mystery. For his brief appearance the X-Files movie, it was "Ooh! The guy from Millennium for me." And again, for the short lived Harsh Realm. During the teasers for the pilot of Lost, he was the only actor I recognized. (Of course, as "The guy from Millennium.") After the first season, I was completely blown away by the character, and his performance of, John Locke.
    I FINALLY know him as Terry O'Quinn now, NOT the guy.....well, you know.
    I hope Lost proves to be a launching pad to send his already amazing career even higher.
  • Terry O'Quinn as John Locke is fantastic. Locke is my favorite character on "Lost" because of the way he becomes attached to the island.

    Terry O'Quinn as John Locke is fantastic. Locke is my favorite character on "Lost" because of the way he became attached to the island.
    We found out that Locke once worked at a toy store and his mother found him, and this caused him to be curious about his father's whereabouts. He traveled to his father's location, but found out his father needed a kidney transplant. Locke gave it to him, but it turned out his father was only using him for the transplant, and Locke never saw his father again.
    John Locke had been in a wheelchair for four to five years before on the island. At work his boss simply laughed at him, telling him he could hardly do anything because of the fact he was in a wheelchair. Locke wanted to go on a walkabout in Australia, where he could become one with the land. But they wouldn't let him board the bus because of the fact he was in the wheelchair. So, on his way back to the States he was in the plane crash. We found out that once the plane hit the island, he was mysteriously able to walk again.
    Locke has a love for the island. He saw the "monster" up close and believes that the island sort of is there by magic. He also believes the island has a responsibility to sort of test people. As Charlie said, he could trust Locke with survival issues more than he could trust anyone.
    Locke became close with Michael's son, Walt, but Michael forbid Locke to talk to him(Walt). However, Locke kept helping them and saved Walt from a polar bear.
    Locke and Boon found the hatch together and spent a lot of time trying to open it. They would disappear together everyday to go to the hatch because they didn't want anyone else knowing about it. Locke became close to Boon and had the island test Boone. Boone then realized he had to let go of some things especially with Shannon, his stepsister. Boone respected Locke a whole lot for helping him and believing in him.
    Locke had a dream where Boone was bloodied looking at a plane in some trees. Locke then told Boone about the dream and they found the plane together. However, it was just a plane that crashed while smuggling drugs. And when Boone went up on the cliff to explore the plane, it fell with Boone in it, and he became all bloodied and hurt. Boone soon died because of it and I guess you could say that Locke felt sort of responsible. Obviously, he should have foreshadowed from the dream that something bad was going to happen to Boone.
    Locke is a strong believer in fate. He has strong faith that it was everyone's fate who was on the island to land there.
    Locke brought Jack to the hatch where they finally opened it. However, Hurley tried to stop them because of the fact the "numbers" were printed on the side of the hatch. They opened it anyways.
    Locke is so cool that it makes you want to just watch the show because of him. He is the best part of the show in my opinion, but comes short of being perfect because of Boone's death.
    Season 1(9.5)
  • Review

    I only know Terry for his role on Lost - but it is without a doubt the role that is going to define his carrerr when it is all said and done. Im a little hesitant on the classification I gave him - about giving him a show to really big the only big star in. I think that he could bring in the amount viewers if given the right show after his Lost acting is over. The intensity and the great acting that he brings to the show cannot be underestimated. I think that no one could play the role of Locke better then Terry and think that he is the most importantly casted person on the show.
  • great talent

    every role I have seen him in he has done with great talent, and the role of John Locke is no exception to the rule, first noticed him on milliniuem, and have been a fan ever since,
    But I think LOST and John Locke is his best acting ever..great actor on a original show
  • This brilliant actor is finally getting some recognition

    Terry O'Quinn, who is best known for his role on Lost as John Locke, is one of my favourite actors of all time in a TV series.

    I have only ever seen him in Lost and one other film, but I must say he is an amazing actor in his role of John Locke. By no means is Locke's role on the hit TV show easy to play, however I don't think anyone could have done the job better than this man. I am so glad that he has finally won an Emmy for his role as Locke on Lost, because he has definitely amazed me and many others in that role, and has turned Locke into one of the most memorable characters in TV history.

    I hope he continues on until the end of Lost, and I look forward to seeing what else he is capable of in the future.
  • great actor


    terry is one best character actor i seen. he can go from playing scary person in some of his early firms, to playing the CAG inJAG, to Locke in lost and now an navy seal in 5.0. which i have to say personally is one of his best but then i have always love him in uniform and lets faces it he dose navy so well its had to tell its not real navy

  • THE BEST ACTOR ON TV right now.

    Terry O'Quinn simply must be forgive for some of his earlier acting roles, even though they weren't all bad.

    For now, he is the incomparable John Locke, on the best show on TV. His character - the depths, the dimensions, the intensity of his character is simply freaking amazing. He is a marvel of an actor - one whom only comes along once every 20 years or so. He has it all - charisma, workmanship, looks, tenacity, faith and belief. His belief and his values have saved him on LOST. If you are a true fan of LOST, you are either a man of science (Jack) and follow his beliefs, or you are a man of faith (Locke), and follow with him. Me? No question............. I'm with Locke all the freaking way.
  • Has to be a favourite, definately.

    Terry O 'Quinn plays my favourite character on the hit show Lost. He plays John Locke, a " rugged ", know how guy, who seems to have that survival instinct, backed up with just brilliant leadership qualities. Terry has been on since the pilot episode of Lost and played a very big role throughout the whole story that has unfolded, his character of Locke, has grown more important in this latest season in my opinion.

    The show would not be the hit it was without John Locke, and Ill be watching any of his other shows to come in the future.
  • Terry is lost

    Good actor, really born for the role of John Locke, he looks the part, sounds the part and does a fantastic job with the character, I'd honestly go far as to say, without portrait of John Locke, lost wouldn't have the impact it has had, seen him in fairly small parts before in movies and other tv shows, but it's pretty clear this guy deserves bigger and better things.

    There's a reason he has emmy, and honestly, both he and Michael Emerson are the only reason I continue to watch the show, when they are on screen together the show's quality is raised ten fold.
  • Emmy winner Terry O'Quinn!

    A very well deserved victory by Terry O'Quinn. He an emmy won the best supporting drama actor category in 2007.

    I've seen 2 performances from him. Kendall on Alias and John Locke on Lost.

    He portrayed both characters perfectly. Although he was only billed as a guest star on Alias, he was in the most of season 2.

    His portrayal of a somewhat narrow sighted, yet brave FBI director was perfect. Sometimes you just wanted to choke him, other times, you perfectly agreed with his choices.

    A great role, good casting by Abrams and co.

    On Lost, though, he's one of the main characters, and his character is as complex as it gets. John Locke is one of the best TV characters of all time. Led by faith, John Locke fears no evil.

    Terry portraying such a complex character seems so easy, but we all know it's not. I hope his career continues to go well, even after Lost.
  • He's great!!!

    I love Terry O'Quinn! This guy is the bomb! He needs an Emmy! He is so cool! He's really really talented! Terry O'Quinn is such a good actor!! I love his role as Locke on LOST. He plays him so well. I could never imagine anyone else playing the part of Locke. It just wouldn't be the same. He seems really myterious and hardcore on the show, but I'm sure he's really nice in person. I love watching his interviews. He just seems so cool. I'd love to get a chance to talk to him in person. Terry O'Quinn is awesome!!
  • Without a doubht my favourite actor!

    Tery O'Quinn is a fantastic actor and has apperaed on many different shows. But he is probally most famous for his role on LOST, potraying the character of John Locke. Although i didn't really know him before the show LOST i am now a huge fan of his work, he has done an increadiable job on LOST and deseves a lot of the credit why LOST has become so Popular! His character on lost is very intriguing and makes you wanna see more and more of him, overall i think terry had done a great job on the show and is an umbelivable actor. Terry you RULE!
  • Great.

    Terry O'Quinn is a very very very talented actor. He has played reccuring roles in many great ended TV shows. One would be Alias starring Jennifer Garner. The West Wing and ofcourse everyone remembers him on JAG. He is currently known as John Locke, his character in ABC's hit TV series LOST. Terry O'Quinn's character plays a paralyzed man who was riding a plane back to L.A. when the Australlian's woudn't let him go hunting due to his condition. On the way to L.A. the plane crashes and he cvan magically walk again. He is the spiritual believer and he believes that everything happens for a reason.
  • Brilliant actor. Brilliant character. Brilliant person.

    Terry O'Quinn is the best character in Lost in my opinion. Initially, at the beginning of Season 1, I was somewhat put off by him; I found him very odd and slightly disturbing.

    However, as season 1 progressed, I grew to absolutely love his character. His flashbacks made me far far more sympathetic towards him, and I grew very fond of him.

    I loved his passion and his drive to find things out. I also think he is somewhat the saviour of the island with his hunting and outdorr skills. I liked seeing him stand up to Jack: "With all due respect, Jack, but since when do I have to report to you?"

    By the end of Season 2, I loved his character, and I feel Terry portrayed him so well. When he was mad with something, I became mad, and when I was supposed to feel sympathy, I really felt it - way to get the audience engaged!

    Fantastic actor who perpetuates his characters amazingly. Well done! (And you better not have died at the end of Season 2!)
  • Favorite Actor and Character on the Show

    How could John Locke not be the best character in this series? If you recall, he was the first person that we even met in our journey with "Lost". Terry O'Quinn is an excellent actor that portrays his character with such realistic fervor. He is just so AWESOME! Plus, he also happens to be shrouded in so much mystery that I am compelled to guess what will happen next with him!
  • Terry O\'Quinn as John Locke makes the show.

    Terry O\'Quinn as John Locke makes the show. He is my favorite and I can\'t wait to see the next show that shows Lockes past. Hes smart and know what he wants to do. Then he does it. Don\'t think the show would be as big without him. Looking on the forum it seems that locke is the favorite of many.
  • Terry O'Quinn is probably the guy who gets the most credit for getting my hooked on Lost.

    It was his intense "I have a secret" persona that he pulled off so well in the first couple of episodes before we found out about his back story that really forced me to keep watching Lost. With little dialog, but perfectly done lines and face and body language I had to know who he was.

    As the series has progressed, he never fails to make me enjoy his character. I have seen him in other roles, where he was playing more of a stock part. This role has given him a chance to show that he can really make a character come alive. Great actor in a great part.