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  • Just the facts, Ma'am

    I agree whole heartedly everyone's review before mine. Her last regular episode on SG1 was probably one of the most moving episodes in movies or tv. I wasn't going to give this review as I'm not given to this sort of thing but in the years since I saw it and view it again as I go through my collection of SG1 sets it still stands as one of if not the best in my 56 years. I don't know her personally but the reviews I've read wouldn't surprise me. You are a Gem Teryl.
  • Simply fantastic as an actress and a person!

    Teryl Rothery is one of those rare happenings... a fantastic actress who is also just a phenomenal person. She treats her fans with respect and friendship. She is one of the rare celebrities who acknowledges how important the fans are.

    It's hard not to be a fan of her, because she puts herself into every single role. Any character she plays is realistic, three-dimensional, an actual person rather than just background filler.

    I cannot wait for this talented, underrated actress to get a show of her own!
  • Teryl Rothery. Talented Actress and wonderful person!

    I've had the pleasure to meet Teryl Rothery more than once, and every time i have met her has been brilliant!
    Teryl bubbly personality is so fresh and always stays the same.
    She gives her fans her all!
    Teryl is just a fantasic person to meet!
    I'm proud to be her fan and i'm proud to have her as a role model!
    Teryl Rocks!