Tessa Munro




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Tessa Munro was raised in Falls Church VA. She spent summers in Hati where she would stay with relatives.

Tessa studied dance as a child, and was a soloist with the Christina Heimlich Dancers. As an adult she studied theatre and dance at James Madison University, were she graduated with a degree in psychology. Tessa also studied acting at the Howard Fine Acting Studio; Advanced Artists Group; Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory and the Wooly Mammoth Theatre Company. Improvisation is one of her strengths.

Tessa has played the lead in many theatrical productions, and she has appeared in several network television series. She is well known to viewers of PBS and the Standard Deviants TV series. This series educates viewers in such topics as language, science, history and practical matters such as cooking and taking the SAT's.

Although Standard Deviants TV is "educational" categorically, it is the producers goal to "make learning fun". To this end, Tessa and the other series regulars often perform sketch comedy, and employ all sorts of stunts and visual devices to make the shows content more engaging. Tessa Has appeared in over sixty of the Standard Deviants Programs. No doubt Tessa's own diverse background made her well suited for her work on Standard Deviants TV.

Tessa is fluent in French and can hold her own in Spanish and Hatian Creole. Being trained as a dancer,Tessa describes herself as "athletic" and can perform hand-to-hand combat with "splits in all directions".