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  • CREED!

    her acting was absolutely amazing, causing Apollo's Creeds son to fall head over heels in love and

    give the Oscars and the Academy a reason to nominate Sylvester Stallone for a long over due

    Award nomination.

    She was clever, sweet and touching, just tough enough to seem real from a hardcore neighborhood.

    But real enough to leave her heart open to forgiveness and love from a very hurt boy that needed

    guidance, love and supervision.

  • Pretty Good..

    In my opinion, Tessa Thompson is a pretty good actress, even though I have only seen her on the wonderful cult hit UPN show 'Veronica Mars'. Her lines are (for the most part) well delivered and believable, even though sometimes her performance seems a little sloppy and unbelievable.

    However, I have seen much better actresses in the past, it seems that Tess Thompson does not have much experience. Hopefully in the future, she'll be more experienced and a much better actress. I looked at her IMDB profile, and I also found out she's in the big motion picture "When A Stranger Calls", which looks very entertaining.