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    • Tessa (About her leaving the set of Veronica Mars and stealing something from it): I have put in a request to take home the wig that Percy Daggs III wears. For sentimental reasons. We'll see... Just kidding!

    • Tessa (About the Season 2 finale of Veronica Mars): The writers have some serious tricks up their sleeves, and I was crazy impressed.

    • Tessa: If they made a TV remake of Veronica Mars - like thirty years later, I guess I'd come back and be Jackie. You know, finally expose the truth of the pill popping we saw early in the season. Who knows? Maybe she was the way she was because she had gender confusion, and was planning to undergo gender reassignment- thus the pills. So in the remake I could be "Jack". And all along my animosity for Veronica was love. Maybe finally in the remake Veronica and I could be a couple. The network could break all kinds of boundaries with that plot line!

    • Tessa (About her character on Veronica Mars): I thought Jackie was cool. She is this stuck up classy sassafrassy prissy, a la Paris Hilton but she reads Burroughs? I relished the contradiction.

    • Tessa: Was some of the online hate hard to bare when I read it? Sure. Of course. But I decided to a.) stop reading it altogether and b.) realize that I don't do what I do to be liked or praised.

    • Tessa: If Jackie was going to off a bunch of people, she might have made sure that Madison and assorted others were included.