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    Attention All Tessie Fans:

    Fox Network Television is releasing on DVD the 2005 series "Kitchen Confidential" on May 22, 2007. Initially only 4 episodes were
    shown, so the remaining 9 unaired episodes can be seen in the DVD set. All 13 episodes are available on this 2 Disc DVD.

    Here is the list of episodes:

    Disc 1
    1. Exile on Main Street
    2. Aftermath
    3. Dinner Date with Death
    4. French Fight
    5. You Lose, I Win
    6. Rabbit Test
    7. The Robbery
    8. Teddy Takes Off

    Disc 2
    9. Let's Do Brunch
    10. Praise Be Praise
    11. An Affair To Remember
    12. Power Play
    13. And the Awards Goes To

    Special features include:
    -Interviews from the Series Premiere
    -Kitchen Confidential Trailer

    Those who watched the TV series will remember that Tessie played the role of Donna (a waitress) on the show. I only remember seeing her on the first few episodes that aired on TV, so it could be possible that she may have appeared on any of the unaired episodes too. This is theĀ first official notice on the availability of the series on DVD. So, if you want to rent and watch or just buy the DVD for your personal collection, visit your local movie rental or retail store next month.


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