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Texas Battle

Texas Battle


8/9/1976, Houston, Texas

Birth Name

Texas Quincy Battle



Also Known As

Clifton Quincy Battle
  • Texas Battle as Marcus Walton on The Bol...
  • Texas Battle and Sherri Shepherd on Sherri.
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Texas Battle was born in Texas and also attended the University of Texas. He is perhaps best known for his role as Marcus Walton on The Bold and the Beautiful.


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    • Texas: I have to say that I really enjoy shooting T.V. shows, because it is an in and out day. But, if I had to choose one, it has to be making films, because I like the fact that you get the chance to work with different cast members all the time, and I like to travel to different locations. The hotel stays, the different cities, you can't beat it.

    • Texas: (On working with Samuel L. Jackson) I have to say, that I'm very blessed to have worked my first big studio film with the man, Mr. Samuel Jackson. He's the real deal. He comes to work always prepared. He brings great energy to all of the young actors in this film. He's not afraid to tell you what doesn't feel right, and not afraid to tell you what feels real. Mr. Jackson showed me to just make the scene come to life. Stop thinking so much, and just do what feels right.

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