The All-American Rejects

The All-American Rejects


1/1/2002, Stillwater, Oklahoma

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All-American Rejects, All American Rejects, AAR, The Rejects, The All American Rejects
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The All-American Rejects started their band in the late 1990s. Their name came from a disagreement about what they should be called. Some members of the band suggested the name The All-Americans, while another suggested The Rejects. It all started when Nick Wheeler was listening to music and…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • The All-American Rejects created their own version of Britney Spears' song Womanizer.

    • Nick Wheeler says that the video the band had the most fun making was It Ends Tonight because they enjoyed shooting off all the fireworks, as well as getting to do two night shoots, as they had never done night shoots before.

    • The first song released from The All-American Rejects third album When The World Comes Down is Gives You Hell.

    • The All-American Rejects were nominated for Best Rock Group at the 2007 Teen Choice Awards.

    • In the music video for Move Along, Kim Smith's (Tyson Ritter's girlfriend) name partly appears on his wrist tag in one of the scenes.

    • The band's song Top Of The World is featured in the game, Burnout Revenge.

    • The band played their first live performance at Stillwater Elementary School.

    • The Rejects received the ASCAP Vanguard Award after having the most played songs of 2006. Rejects' members Tyson Ritter and Nick Wheeler also received two ASCAP pop awards for the songs Dirty Little Secret and Move Along.

    • AAR took the year 2007 off due to the hectic year they had in 2006.

    • On January 19th, 2007, The All-American Rejects were Artist of the Day on!

    • The strangest band the Rejects have been compared to is Dexy's Midnight Runners.

    • According to the band, one of the strangest places they have heard of their music being played was at a strip club.

    • As of 2007, band members Tyson Ritter and Nick Wheeler lived in Florida, which Mike Kennerty and Chris Gaylor still lived in Stillwater, Oklahoma, where the band was formed.

    • The Global Fund To Fight AIDS funded an auction where you could bid to win a phone call from AAR vocalist Tyson Ritter.

    • It Ends Tonight (Acoustic) was exclusively put on MTV's "Laguna Beach" Soundtrack, "Summer Can Last Forever."

    • One of the items of merchandise from The All-American Rejects you can buy was a limited edition guitar signed by Mike Kennerty himself.

    • There is another edition of The All-American Rejects album "Move-Along." It is called the "Move Along: Deluxe Edition," which contains Dirty Little Secret, Top Of The World, Night Drive, It Ends Tonight, and Move Along: Live from Wiltern Audio.

    • Nick Wheeler's sister's music albums, videos, and music in general, was what made Wheeler start playing different instruments.

    • Their various genres are: rock, indie rock, American trad rock, alternative, adult, alternative, and punk.

    • Bite Back (B-Side) was a single that was suppose to be or planed to be on the album "Move Along" but was decided not to be.

    • The Rejects had a sweepstake with Lego called Save The Band.

    • The Rejects got the Most Played Pop Song on Napster for 2006 for Move Along.

    • The Rejects' video for Move Along was nominated for Killer Video (Best Music Video) at the First Annual Fuse Fangoria Chainsaw Awards 2006.

    • The All-American Rejects performed at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards. They performed their song hit Move Along.

    • The video for the song It Ends Tonight was shot on an Indian Reservation just outside of Las Vegas that had an illegal fireworks shop on it which is portrayed in the video.

    • The Rejects have been nominated for some Teen Choice Awards, including Best Rock Group and Best Rock Song.

    • The All-American Rejects have been nominated two 2006 MTV VMAs for their song Move Along: Best Group Video and Best Editing In A Video. The band won for Best Group Video.

    • The third single off their album "Move Along" is It Ends Tonight.

    • The Rejects have been forced to cancel the rest of their Canadian tour after doctors ordered Tyson Ritter to rest his voice. The band pledged to make up the Canadian dates later in the year.

    • The All-American Rejects appeared on the soundtrack for the movie "Snakes On A Plane." They contributed the song Can't Take It.

    • The band went to New York with $1,000 dollars in their poscket to record their album. And since Nick's parents own a flower shop, he was able to collect the most.

    • The band were extremely excited to make their first appearance on Late Night With Conan O'Brien because they are huge fans of the show.

    • The All-American Rejects performed at VH1 Rock Honors on May 31, 2006. They did a tribute to Def Leppard.

    • Singles Off Of Move Along:

      2005 - "Dirty Little Secret" - US #9

      2006 - "Move Along" - US #16

    • Vocalist/bassist Tyson Jay Ritter was born April 24, 1984 at a Van Halen concert, and after he came out, he was wrapped in a t-shirt for the band.

    • Guitarist Mike Kennerty is a founding member and guitarist of the hardcore/punk band These Enzymes.

    • The Rejects performed at Summerfest 2006 on July 1 in Milwaukee, WI.

    • While Tyson Ritter was rocking to AC/DC during high school, Nick Wheeler was on the other side of town raiding his sister's music collection of Poison, Bon Jovi, and Def Leppard.

    • Both albums for the Rejects, The All-American Rejects and Move Along have gone Platinum.

    • The All-American Rejects headlined the Snickers Tent at Download Festival in 2006.

    • With the song "Swing, Swing," the All-American Rejects got very well-known and gained some popularity, so much that they were beginning to be labeled a "one hit wonder."

    • The music video for "Dirty Little Secret" features images from collective art project PostSecret.

    • Singles off or Off The All-American Rejects:

      2003 - "Swing, Swing" (US #15)

      "The Last Song"

      "My Paper Heart"

      "Time Stands Still"

    • Former Member: Tim Campbell – drums

    • Their album Move Along reached the Top 10 in 2005.

    • Their single "Dirty Little Secret" peaked at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100.

    • The band independently released their self-titled debut on Doghouse in October 2002.

    • Tyson Ritter and Nick Wheeler are the founding members of AAR.

    • Their first single off of their album "Move Along" was Dirty Little Secret, which became a huge success.

    • In Spring 2006, AAR was on the Black Clouds and Underdogs Tour with Fall Out Boy, Hawthorne Heights, From First To Last, The Hush Sound, and October Fall.

    • Their second album was 'Move Along'.

    • Their debut c.d. is titled "The All-American Rejects."

    • The members of The All-American Rejects are Tyson Ritter (vocals/bass), Nick Wheeler (guitar/programming), Mike Kennerty (guitar), and Chris Gaylor (drums).

  • Quotes

    • Tyson Ritter: (on when he learned he needed to play bass to join The All-American Rejects) I went right out, got a bass and learned how to play it. I stayed inside the whole time during Christmas break until I could come out and join the band.

    • Tyson Ritter: The dumbest thing is when fans get so nervous that they treat you like s***. I'm so fascinated by it. I'll be like, "Did ya enjoy the show?" and they'll be like, "Eh." They figure everyone is adoring you, so they'll take the opposite approach. At the very end, they're bummed that they acted the way they did, and it breaks my heart.

    • Nick Wheeler: If you can speak and understand music it's a lot easier to play along with people. You can show them parts and learn new things. It just makes it easier trying to communicate that stuff.

    • Tyson Ritter: I like that people feel like they can trust their own secrets with our band. It's kind of cool. Not only is it an outlet for them to escape to when they listen to the record, it's also some place they can go to. I think it helps to connect to the band more.

    • Tyson Ritter: (on being called an "emo" band) We hate the term and we definitely don't consider ourselves to be an emo band.

  • I LOVE them!

    One of the best bands ever!!! I LOVE thier song Move Along!! Its awesome!!! they are way better than some of these so called "wonderful bands" out there today. they need to make more music, they are just so good!! Keep up the good work guys and I will continue to rock out to your awesome music!!
  • Great band to listen to...from their beginning album to their latest.

    I believe the statement in my summary is basically what i am trying to get acrosss. The AAR are a great band. Their music is mostly original, they are not copying what we already have, most of the songs on each of thier albums are great, and they are worth every penny spent on them. They were great on Smallville, and they are not stuck up like some famous people and or bands. All the music videos of theirs are also great. Move Along's video is one of my all time favorites, and every one should have seen that one. I hope you all have enjoyed my review, and hope it helps.moreless