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  • Although eventually the band was swept up in 80's big-hair hype, rumor, and backlash, their original garage-rock roots, psychedelic sound, and love of musicianship have stood the test of time, and were the cornerstone of a respectable 2003 comeback and CD

    If you mention "the Bangles" to most people, you're likely to be greeted either with eye-rolling, or lascivious desriptions of the band's percieved frontwoman, Susanna Hoffs. But start listing off their Top 40 hits - Eternal Flame, Manic Moday, Walking Down Your Street, In Your Room, Hazy Shade Of Winter, Walk Like An Egyptian - to name a few, and the eye-rolling and caveman noises quickly give way to smiles, reminisces, and accolades. You may be ashamed to admit it, but you probably liked the Bangles.

    And there's no reason to be ashamed - their Top 40 offerings were worthy of their places on the charts, and their more obscure work ranges from the unexpected to the sublime. Sure, it's unexpected and sublime in a pop way, but to write off the Bangles as just an over-eyelinered "girl band" is simply innacurate.

    In the late 80's the band fell prey to the demands of fame, the arrogance of youth, and the limitations of the industry - but before that happened, they gave us tunes that are part of the soundtrack of pop culture history.

    And the biggest surprise of all comes to anyone lucky enough to catch them in concert. Stripped of the gloss of MTV video stylists, and freed from the yoke of major label producers, these gurls ROCK. Stop snickering. It's true.

    Until you can get to a live show, check out their new album DOLL REVOLUTION - as Bangles guitarist Vicki Peterson herself has stated "If you liked the bangles before, you'll like this album. And if you didn't like the Bangles before, you'll like this album."