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  • I grew up with the beach boys. They are the best of the best. I love there beach music. They have what it takes.

    The Beach Boys are the greatest groups of the 60's. I grew up with them. The first time that I saw them was on American Bandstand. No one can take the place of the Beach Boys. They are still going strong. There will never be another group like them. No one will ever be able to do their songs or come close to them. One of my favorite songs was Don't Worry Baby, and Good Vibrations. I watch them every time that I know that they are going to be on TV. I listen to their music at the beach. There isn't anyone who can do beach music like they can, and never will.
  • The Beach Boys were awesome!

    The Beach Boys were amazing! Of course they had the Beatles as their rivals but personally I like the Beach Boys better than The Beatles. I love many of The Beach Boys' songs like "Wouldn't it be nice to" That was an awesome song and I heard about it when I was watching 50 First Date with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. The Beach Boys also made "Surfin' USA" which is pretty much heard when you hear Soak City and other stuff. Well I pretty much just love the way their music is about old, antique things obviously because they were from the 60's but it just sounds so retro.
  • The Best Band!

    I absouleutley LOVE the Beach Boys! I miss them I wish theyd make a new cd or a new song or something like that. I remember when they guest stared on full house! I love them so much! My favorite songs from them are

    I get Around
    Fun Fun Fun
    Surfer Girl
    Little Deuce coop
    Be True To your School
    Help Me Rhonda
    In My Room
    Come Go with Me
    Barbra Ann
    And the Little Old Lady from Pasadena

    I remember how every dance I am ever at, whenever the dj puts on a beach boys song, everyone screams and goes crazy and starts dancing around like idiots. Its wonderful!