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  • They have a chance of being the worst band ever. I think they stink. There\'s nothing cool about the beatles.

    The beatles stink. They must make the record for being the worst band of all time. You no I thought that there was some bad bands but the Beatles just blow me away from there stupid songs. Because Iv'e been living for a while and not ever have I seen such a stupid, overrated, talentless, bad band in my whole life.
  • Decent band.

    I have never been a fan of the group, but I have respect for their work and what they have accomplished in the music world. They are one of the biggest music artists of all time. I don't think I like any of their songs all too well, but I find them just okay. I don't have a favorite member, but I must say that they were very much a great group. I don't know why they became so popular, but I think they managed to hit the right chords with music fans. Overall, they were a decent group, but not my favorite. Thank you.
  • The Beatles are just a amazing band. They music is just plain good. I know some of there music sucks. But once Bob Dylan came in. Oh that mans lyrics are awesome. I really think the beatles needed him.

    The beatles started in the around the 60's and kept progressing there work. They have a amazing team of musicians. The musicians are:George Harrison (lead guitar, vocals, sitar); John Lennon (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica, some keyboards, bass); Paul McCartney (lead vocals, bass, some guitar, keyboards, drums, you name it); Ringo Starr (drums, vocals). George Martin (producer, keyboards). You might have kept tune while they were getting older. Bob Dylan came in and really helped with the music. All the beatles first songs were all about love and stuff. But once bob Dylan came in there music got incredible. Some of their songs are a bit strange. Like Salvator dali said,"Just because i don't know the meaning dosent mean there is no meaning."Some of their songs just don't make sense to me. They might to you but not for me. Yeah so there is my little review on the beatles.
  • man they make me laugh, Ringo is my fave!

    i cannot belive john and george are dead. :( if i saw mark chapman about to shoot john lennon, i will sneak on him, grab his gun and put him down, {like i will} anyway i got almost all the albums and movies, when i figured the beatles out i got hooked to them, {the first album i heard was "LOVE"} the mixed one, man thats a cool one! I want to see Ringo starr or Paul mccartney live in band someday!! and post it on youtube, man what great singers, they will live forevor! and ever, and ever, and ever!
  • The Beatles: The best rock band EVA (In fact i'm listening to them right now)

    The Beatles: They are the best group of singers ever I love all of there songs including OB LA DI, OB LA DA, Hey Jude, Drive my Car, Back in the USSR, Sgt Peppers lonely hearts club band, When im 64, I get by from a little help from my friends but my absolute favourite is Let it be. There are all awesome Singers and musicians and I can't choose a favourite. They are legends and are by far the best band ever. Ringo is an amazing Drummer, Paul and John are great singers and George (The most underrated Beatle) is a great guitarist.

    The Beatles: 10.0
  • The Beatles. Enough said.

    The Beatles will and always will be the best rock band of all time. I used to listen to a lot of old rock and roll back in the day (ha ha 3 years ago), but now after listening to nothing but mostly rap music and a little bit of metal i find it hard to listen to music like this now, but The Beatles will be on my iPod and any other music playing device that there will be. Their music is great and can always put me in a good mood when i listen to it.

    RIP - Lennon and Harrison Never really liked McCartney Ringo keep doing what your do (I still wont listen but others might).
  • Best rock band in music history!

    I don't know where to start... other than "OH MY GAWD I LOVE THE BEATLES!" =P
    Seriously, this band came to the music industry in the 60's and music was never the same ever again, their influence and impact in culture is unbeatable. They had such an original and innovating music style it's very hard not lo love them. I've been listening to them ever since I was very young, and now I consider myself as one of the biggest Beatles fans, I can't go without listening to them at least daily, every single song they ever made is genius, I don't think we'll ever live to see musicians as great as John Lennon and Paul McCartney again, their songs are just priceless. I could go on babbling of how much I love them and how they are the best band in history and how I will always be a fan, but I think you've got the idea. BEATLES FOREVER!
  • Say Hello.

    It the Beatles the beatles. i love them, i can relate to all of their songs. Their songs have so much meaning. My favorite would have to be John lennon. I think there is something about him that you are like wow he is amazing. Also the rest of the band Paul McCartney, George Harrison and my favorite drummer Ringo Starr. when you watch videos about them the younger and the older days, they just make you laugh, it just seem that they are always having a great time. They look around and in themselves for their songs. For me my favorite band ever.
  • If NOT The All Time Greats!

    What can you say about the Beatles! As they are the best if not the best band in all of rock music! I used to have all of their cds but I am going to try to get every cd they made this Christmas as I am hoping and praying that I do. They were unique in all of their songs. And in all of their personalities. John Lennon, the leader and the smart Beatle. Paul McCartney was the baby-faced cute hearthrob Beatle. George Harrison was the mysterious and quiet(as well as underrated Beatle of the four!) And Ringo Starr(aka Richard Starkey) the funny and friendly Beatle who is my personal favorite. As I have a thing also for the drums. It has been over forty years ago since they came and my parents rememebered their first tv appearance on the Ed Sullivan show! Sadly John and George are no longer with us. As people remembered how tragic John was killed as he was making a comeback. But their music forever lives ever more!
  • Best band ever!

    I wasn't one of those people that was obsessed with the beatles back then, but couldn't go to the concerts because there parents thought they were evil. No, I wasn't born when that happened. I DID grow up with them however because my dad is a huge fan of them. I love ALL of their songs. My dad has a whole CD with all of their songs, so whenever I'm with him he puts them on and I sing along with ALL of them. My dad also has the cartoon movie they did with the song "The Yellow Submarine". That's my favorite out of all of them. Like I said, I love 'em and can't get enough of 'em!
  • It Was 43 Years Ago Today.......

    .....that on the Ed Sullivan Show, the Beatles did play!

    Talk about an event staged for television changing the world forever! Wow!

    Yes, I was there. Sitting in front of the box, watching the black and white images of four lads from Liverpool, rocking and rolling and singing and playing like no one else I had ever seen or heard before in my 12 years of life at the time.

    Needless to say, it had a profound affect on me and many of the 73 million other people in this country that watched them. I became a professional musician and have traveled in about 20 foreign countries on 13 tours overseas, as well as across this country, Canada and Mexico.

    Anyone else here happen to be sitting in front of the tube, Feb. 9th, 1964 watching The Beatles change the world forever?
  • the beatles are one of the best bands in the history of music. they are so talented. the beatles rock. they rule!!!!!!!!

    the beatles are sooooooooooo great, i don't know where to begin! first off, their music is really great, without the beatles, there wouldnt have been all those singers and rappers there are today. and they wrote most of their songs themselves, which people never did in that time. second, there traits and influences are extraodinary, like their mop-tops, their suits, and their colorful later uniforms, like the sgt. pepper uniforms. and third, without their talents, there wouldnt have been the beatles. what if john didnt know rhythm guitar, paul not knowing bass, george not knowing lead guitar/sitar, ringo not knowing the drums? imagine. yet there music has touched everyone that hears their music. beatles rock!!!
  • Yes, I agree - ignore the negative review below.

    The Beatles are positively one of the greatest and most influential bands of all time. Their music stands the test of time, and even to this day is quite groundbreaking.

    Love them or hate them, I doubt there isn't at least one song written or recorded by them that everyone out there doesn't like.

    The Beatles are definitely the best of the best.
  • Read my review ! Its worth it.

    Hey, you know, who cares if one person hates the beatles. HELLO ! I meen, its an opinion. Not a fact. The beatles happen to be the best band. In my opinion, they were magical. They could write about anyone and anything. And people saying they are the worst band of all time are just saying that because of peer pressure.

    \"ohh shame on you for liking the beatles. My dad listens to them, and hes FIFTY FIVE.\"

    That kind of remark is not rare. I get it all the time. All i say is:

    \"well, your fifty five year old dad has great taste.\"

    Everyone knows, at one point, the beatles ruled the world, and so did their music. As well as great lyrics, theyre one of a kind personallity was amazing.

    To sum it all up,

    Unlike the people and bands of today, who only care about being famous and have a bajillion carrot diamond rings, the beatles were in the music buisness because thats what they loved to do. And they will always be remembered as possibly a few of the most clever minds. EVER.

    So the next time someone goes to section of the site dedicated to the beatles, just to critisize them, and call them rude names, i suggest you rite a deeper, more intelligent reason for you disliking, unlike \"uhh. they could break the record for the worst band ever. uuh\"

  • This band is one of the most talented of all time and I love all of them. They had such great music, I don't think there's one song that I don't like! Though I didn't grow up in the Beatles era I think that the group is becoming popular again!

    I love Ringo, George, Paul, and John! They had amazing music and revolutionized the music we know today. I did not grow up when they were a band but I absolutely love them! I do think that the Beatles are resurfacing with many young people today. They will never be forgotten! I especially love how much they and their music matured over the years. All of it was great but I think they really got a lot more creative later on. All their music really suited the time in which it was written.

    Overall I REALLY appreciate all the Beatles and their incredible music. I hope you do too.
  • The Beatles are the greatest band of all time no question and that moron doesn't know what he is talking about. Morons think good music is a bunch of tall haired rock and roll freaks talking about useless info. The Beatles were the best, no question! List

    Greatest band, no question. What other band has reached the heights the Beatles have. The Stones are pretty good but they aren't the Beatles. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr were the original fab 4 and they revolutioned music in a way that it had never sounded before. Ever since the Beatles nobody has ever come close to reaching American culture. It's a shame that they broke up but it didn't changed all the great songs they made. The Beatles were so awesome and their voices were so incredible. Each member of the Beatles had a unique voice, and a unique characteristic. No question, the Beatles were the greatest band of all time. In fact they were the greatest thing that ever happened to music.
  • Ignore the review below, he doesn't know what he's talking about.

    The Beatles.

    -They started the whole rock genre
    -They were the most well-known bands in history, in comparison to Elvis.
    -They had great songs in the 60s and 70s decades.
    -Influenced alot of other bands soon to be well-known as well, but not as much.

    So while punk rockers got their heavy metal and guitar smashing action today, they should be grateful to the Beatles because without them, they wouldn't have mohawks, raves, Woodstock, and whatnot.

    Everyone in my area respects and loves the Beatles, it's just impossible to see why they are spoiled brats. They try to avoid every single fan they encounter, and they admitted that fame was hard on them.

    I'm a proud fan of the Beatles. I'll always will, no matter how bashful the haters will be.