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  • Read my review ! Its worth it.

    Hey, you know, who cares if one person hates the beatles. HELLO ! I meen, its an opinion. Not a fact. The beatles happen to be the best band. In my opinion, they were magical. They could write about anyone and anything. And people saying they are the worst band of all time are just saying that because of peer pressure.

    \"ohh shame on you for liking the beatles. My dad listens to them, and hes FIFTY FIVE.\"

    That kind of remark is not rare. I get it all the time. All i say is:

    \"well, your fifty five year old dad has great taste.\"

    Everyone knows, at one point, the beatles ruled the world, and so did their music. As well as great lyrics, theyre one of a kind personallity was amazing.

    To sum it all up,

    Unlike the people and bands of today, who only care about being famous and have a bajillion carrot diamond rings, the beatles were in the music buisness because thats what they loved to do. And they will always be remembered as possibly a few of the most clever minds. EVER.

    So the next time someone goes to section of the site dedicated to the beatles, just to critisize them, and call them rude names, i suggest you rite a deeper, more intelligent reason for you disliking, unlike \"uhh. they could break the record for the worst band ever. uuh\"