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  • the beatles are one of the best bands in the history of music. they are so talented. the beatles rock. they rule!!!!!!!!

    the beatles are sooooooooooo great, i don't know where to begin! first off, their music is really great, without the beatles, there wouldnt have been all those singers and rappers there are today. and they wrote most of their songs themselves, which people never did in that time. second, there traits and influences are extraodinary, like their mop-tops, their suits, and their colorful later uniforms, like the sgt. pepper uniforms. and third, without their talents, there wouldnt have been the beatles. what if john didnt know rhythm guitar, paul not knowing bass, george not knowing lead guitar/sitar, ringo not knowing the drums? imagine. yet there music has touched everyone that hears their music. beatles rock!!!