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  • It Was 43 Years Ago Today.......

    .....that on the Ed Sullivan Show, the Beatles did play!

    Talk about an event staged for television changing the world forever! Wow!

    Yes, I was there. Sitting in front of the box, watching the black and white images of four lads from Liverpool, rocking and rolling and singing and playing like no one else I had ever seen or heard before in my 12 years of life at the time.

    Needless to say, it had a profound affect on me and many of the 73 million other people in this country that watched them. I became a professional musician and have traveled in about 20 foreign countries on 13 tours overseas, as well as across this country, Canada and Mexico.

    Anyone else here happen to be sitting in front of the tube, Feb. 9th, 1964 watching The Beatles change the world forever?