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  • The Beatles are just a amazing band. They music is just plain good. I know some of there music sucks. But once Bob Dylan came in. Oh that mans lyrics are awesome. I really think the beatles needed him.

    The beatles started in the around the 60's and kept progressing there work. They have a amazing team of musicians. The musicians are:George Harrison (lead guitar, vocals, sitar); John Lennon (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica, some keyboards, bass); Paul McCartney (lead vocals, bass, some guitar, keyboards, drums, you name it); Ringo Starr (drums, vocals). George Martin (producer, keyboards). You might have kept tune while they were getting older. Bob Dylan came in and really helped with the music. All the beatles first songs were all about love and stuff. But once bob Dylan came in there music got incredible. Some of their songs are a bit strange. Like Salvator dali said,"Just because i don't know the meaning dosent mean there is no meaning."Some of their songs just don't make sense to me. They might to you but not for me. Yeah so there is my little review on the beatles.