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  • If NOT The All Time Greats!

    What can you say about the Beatles! As they are the best if not the best band in all of rock music! I used to have all of their cds but I am going to try to get every cd they made this Christmas as I am hoping and praying that I do. They were unique in all of their songs. And in all of their personalities. John Lennon, the leader and the smart Beatle. Paul McCartney was the baby-faced cute hearthrob Beatle. George Harrison was the mysterious and quiet(as well as underrated Beatle of the four!) And Ringo Starr(aka Richard Starkey) the funny and friendly Beatle who is my personal favorite. As I have a thing also for the drums. It has been over forty years ago since they came and my parents rememebered their first tv appearance on the Ed Sullivan show! Sadly John and George are no longer with us. As people remembered how tragic John was killed as he was making a comeback. But their music forever lives ever more!