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    • (In 1995, George, Paul and Ringo returned to the studio as The Beatles to record "Free As A Bird", and later, "Real Love" (1996) - playing alongside John via his demo tapes)

      Ringo: We just pretended that John had gone on holiday or out for tea and had left us the tape to play with. That was the only way we could deal with it and get over the hurdle, because it was really very emotional.

      George: I think we just, you know, we've had so much … of the same background … our musical background and where we came from and what we listened to, you know, in common - and then all those years we played together - you know, it's somehow, it's-it's made a very deep groove in our memories and it doesn't take much to lock in.

      Ringo: Recording the new songs didn't feel contrived at all, it felt very natural and it was a lot of fun, but emotional too at times. But it's the end of the line, really. There's nothing more we can do as The Beatles.