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    • On October 16, 1965, all four Beatles were appointed "Members of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire" (MBE) by Queen Elizabeth II. Although the awards were justifiably based on the band's enormous economic contribution to Great Britain, which was in line with precedent, several previous recipients felt that the award was somehow "demeaned", and returned theirs publically. Prime Minister Harold Wilson, who recommended them for the honor, admitted that it was more than money which motivated him : "I saw the Beatles as having a transforming effect on the minds of youth, mostly for the good. It kept a lot of kids off the streets. They introduced many, many young people to music, which in itself was a good thing. A lot of old-stagers might have regarded it as idiosyncratic music, but the Mersey sound was a new, important thing. That's why they deserved such recognition."