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    • Paul: Still, we'd be idiots to say that it isn't a constant inspiration to be making a lot of money. It always is, to anyone. I mean, why do big business tycoons stay big business tycoons? It's not because they're inspired at the greatness of big business; they're in it because they're making a lot of money at it. We'd be idiots if we pretended we were in it solely for kicks. In the beginning we were, but at the same time we were hoping to make a bit of cash. It's a switch around now, though, from what it used to be. We used to be doing it mainly for kicks and not making a lot of money and now we're making a lot of money without too many kicks … except that we happen to like the money we're making. But we still enjoy making records, going on-stage, making films and all that business.
      John: We love every minute of it, Beatle people!