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    • A Brief Beatle Primer : In 1957, John Lennon formed a band called "The Quarrymen". Paul McCartney, who knew the words to all the key songs, joined shortly thereafter and young George Harrison, who knew some Chuck Berry licks and could play "Raunchy" note-for-note, joined them in early-1958. By the fall of 1959, they had changed their name several times, before settling briefly on "Johnny and the Moondogs", with Lennon being the obvious leader.
      By January, 1960, Lennon's good friend, Stuart Sutcliffe, joined up as the bass player. Although he couldn't really play very well, he could afford a bass guitar and a big amplifier and he looked really cool in a James Dean kind of way, and that was good enough. The band kept evolving and changing its name, trying out "The Silver Beats", and later, "The Silver Beatles". Then, in August, 1960, in order to land a paying gig at a "strip joint" in Hamburg, Germany, they auditioned and hired drummer Pete Best and settled on calling themselves simply "The Beatles". In Hamburg they played their asses off and learned how to "mach schau". And the rest, as they say, is history.