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    • On Monday, April 5, 1964, The Beatles were in Marylebone Station, London, filming the opening sequence for A Hard Day's Night, where frenzied fans charge after the lads through the train station and down the street (Boston Place). The scene, which is shown at the very beginning of the film during the titles, is meant to showcase Beatlemania in action. Meanwhile, back in the United States, some eight weeks after the Beatles first landed in New York City, real Beatlemania continued unabated. During the week of April 4, 1964, The Beatles held the top five spots on Billboard's "Hot 100" singles chart - simultaneously! Amazingly, seven other Beatle songs were also listed on the "Hot 100" that week. Neither feat has ever been accomplished by any other artist, ever:

      1 - "Can't Buy Me Love" (Capitol)
      2 - "Twist and Shout" (Tollie)
      3 - "She Loves You" (Swan)
      4 - "I Want to Hold Your Hand" (Capitol)
      5 - "Please Please Me" (Vee Jay)
      31 - "I Saw Her Standing There" (Capitol)
      41 - "From Me To You" (Vee Jay)
      46 - "Do You Want to Know a Secret?" (Vee Jay)
      58 - "All My Loving" (Capitol)
      65 - "You Can't Do That" (Capitol)
      68 - "Roll Over Beethoven" (Capitol)
      79 - "Thank You Girl" (Vee Jay)

      Additionally, two Beatle tribute records were charting : "We Love You Beatles" by The Carefrees (#42) and "A Letter to the Beatles" by The Four Preps (#85) - giving the Fabs 14 of the top 85 spots. At the same time, they also had the top two albums in the country : Meet The Beatles (Capitol) and Introducing … The Beatles (Vee Jay). Not to be embarrassed by the colonies, UK fans saw to it that The Beatles had the #1 single and the #1 and #3 LP's there, as well.