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The Bee Gees are the combined talents of Barry Gibb, born September 1, 1946 and twins Robin Gibb and Maurice Gibb, born December 22, 1949 in Manchester, England. They became a group in late 1957, although they were only children,billed as the Rattlesnakes; they sang songs at a theater in between movies. Barry Gibb began writing songs before he was 14 and soon his brothers would join in helping him to write songs.

Due to the boys' bad behavior the family was forced to move to Australia in 1958 where the boys career begain in earnest. They did not find much success however, and returned to England in 1967. In England they hooked up with Robert Stigwood who got them a record contract and their first hit record, New York Mining Disaster, soon followed.

After several hit records the group broke up due to ego problems between Barry and Robin Gibb. They re-grouped in 1970 and began another string of hits beginning with How Can You Mend a Broken Heart. Their biggest success came with the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack in 1977, which remains the best selling movie soundtrack of all time, still selling copies even today.

The group suffered the tragic loss of their younger brother Andy Gibb to heart disease in March of 1988. He was only 30 years old but had already had a remarkable career cut short due to his drug use and spending habits which had left him virtually broke.

The group name Bee Gees was retired in January 2003 after the death of Maurice Gibb from a heartattack. Maurice had recovered from years of alchoholism and had re-dedicated his life to his family and his work as part of the group and is now sorely missed by his family and his fans.

As of 2004 Barry and Robin Gibb are currently pursuing solo projects and working with other artists but have not stepped into the studio to create anything together. Perhaps this is due to the fact that they will have a hard time re-creating the wonderful three part harmony they once had while Maurice was alive.

The Bee Gees will always be remembered for their wonderful harmonies and terrific songwriting. If you would like to read about the Bee Gees, a book I would recommend is The Bee Gees, Tales of the Brothers Gibb, written by Melinda Bilyeu, Hector Cook and Andrew Mon Hughes. Along with the Biography is what is surely a nearly complete listing of every song written by the Brothers Gibb.