The Bloodhound Gang

The Bloodhound Gang


Quakertown, Pennsylvania

Birth Name

Bang Chamber 8


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The Bloodhound Gang is a comedic rock band. They started out with Jimmy Pop and Daddy Long Legs and throughout the years they have had nine other members. The group has had many hits, but their biggest hit is "The Bad Touch" which was released in 1999.


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    • "You know what I really want in a girl.... me"

    • Jimmy Pop: I've seen cavemen with better clubs.

    • Jimmy Pop: (after the band set a studio on fire) The whole floor was in darkness and full of smoke. We had to get out.

    • Lupus Thunder: So it turns out that Moby has released a track called 'Heavy Flow' so the new album name is 'Hefty Fine'.

    • Lupus Thunder: I'm very proud of having moved to Marshall, My M*sa just didn't give me what I wanted in terms of hard skull crushing distortion with a beautiful clean. The balls-out distortion I've got going now makes me very happy, and the clean channel has done wonders for our live sound. Anyway, I just want to do everything I can to tell the world about my reasons for being a convert and the website is a great way.

    • Lupus: No, we just go to it...its like I was saying...someone will always find something offensive, but very rarely do I hear about it. The worst case we ever had was in Ft. Lauderdale FL when we were touring for Use Your Fingers. Right before we went on, Jimmy Pop spotted a guy in a wheelchair in the crowd. At the time we were playing a song from Use Your Fingers called "She Ain't Got No Legs" (a love song about Jimmy's love for this girl in a wheelchair) in the set. The song has all sorts of bad jokes and innuendo about this girl in the wheelchair. We were a bit nervous to play, since it was our first time having to face something like this. But, we all decided to just go ahead like we always did the set. In the middle of the song, the guy wheels his chair up to the edge of the stage...we all looked at each other, figuring we were about to hear this guy's PC-wrath. Instead he started hi-fiving us and giving us the was weird. He kept yelling, "You guys rock!" and "You're awesome!" We talked to him after the show and he said he just liked our sense of humor, and even though he was (excluding the fact that he was male) the butt of the joke in the song, he knew we were just poking fun and taking a light-hearted look at it.

    • Jimmy Pop: I think on the first record there's stuff that [offended people]. Really we're not trying to shock anybody, we're just saying things that we laugh at. That was always the idea. The same things that we talk about on the bus are the same things we put on our records. On the first record we had lyrics like, 'There's little children unattended, let me get some poison candy,' which to me, that isn't very good.

  • Bloodhound Gang has had me hooked, ever since The Bad Touch.

    Well, I really can say that Bloodhound Gang is more than just a comedy rock band. They're actually really good at beats. They're funny and catchy all at the same time. Not many bands can achieve this kind of talent.

    Personally, I've been listening to Bloodhound gang ever since I was about 8. They were great, and they've still not lost their touch. Which is amazing, since I'm 16 now. Eight years of fame for them. I recommend Bloodhound Gang for anyone who likes alternative rock, punk rock, or indie rock. They're really good, and they'll bring a smile to your face in more ways than one. :)moreless