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The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers


1/21/1978, New York City, New York



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Blues Brothers
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Blues band created by Dan Aykroyd (as Elwood Blues) and the late John Belushi (as Joliet Jake Blues). Belushi had developed into a rabid blues fan during his days on Saturday Night Live. At the request of series producer Lorne Michaels, John and Danny began performing blues numbers…more


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  • When speaking of the Blues Brothers there is only two things to say, " three fried chickens and a coke," "and some dry white toast please."

    The unlimited talent of Belushi was only the beginning of something that's been around sense the famous " I'm a zit, get it?" In National Lampoons Animal House. Combining his talent with Dan Akyroids was a work of genius, making the sound of the blues come back and bring people to not only remember the good old days, but to also wonder why they ever wore those pants. I will admit that the suit, hat and sunglasses were a nice touch and soon it spread like wild fire. Feeling the music, and enjoying one heck of an adventure through Chicago. During the shoot the one scene that could be watched repeatedly when the two brothers go back to the orphanage and meet with the Nun, sitting in those desks and getting smacked repeatedly with a ruler whenever a foul language was spoken, I've never laughed so hard in my life. As in conclusion with the sequel I was feeling it but it wasn't the same without Belushi.RIP