The Boys




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The Boys--Khiry, Hakim, Tajh, and Bilal--, a group of four brothers who brought quality entertainment, happiness, and joy to the world from 1988 to 1993. People all over the globe still remember their hit songs like "Dial My Heart" and "Crazy," those tight dance routines, the standing ovation performance at the Image Awards, when they dressed up like Bobby Brown, Milli Vanilli, Michael Jackson, and George Michael in the "Crazy" video. They even had their own TV show called "The Boys." They collected major awards, and made major contributions to the music world until 1993, when they suddenly disappeared.

In 1994, they decided not to record another album, but instead rest, reflect, and research. Khiry, the eldest brother who directed their hit videos, "Crazy" and "Happy," rediscovered his first love of film making, and began to study and apprentice under some of the hottest directors in the motion picture and music video industry. The rest of the brothers, Hakim, Tajh, and Bilal, continued to create music with the intent of music full of pure creativity.

They began to feel the pull towards higher consciousness. Realizing that they had to go to Africa, it was convienent that a friend was organizing a group trip to Gambia. While there, The Boys performed at the "Roots Homecoming Festival," which is meant to celebrate the return of Afrikans from the Diaspora to the motherland. They told their parents that they wanted to stay in Africa. Upon receiving their consent, The Boys opened an audio production studio business, learning and producing new music from the past years.

Feeling that their new sound would be incompatible with mainstream American music, The Boys changed their name to The Suns of Light, and formed Sunland Music, an independent label dedicated to expressing the consciousness of elevated living through Love and attunement with nature.