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  • They have some talent.

    I like Raven the best out of all of them but shes really not part of the group. So my second favorite group member is Adrienne. I like her because her character just happens to be my name and she can sing better then the other two. But against Raven shes not as talented. Kiely is my third favorite even though she seems kinda annoying. Sabrina is last because i think she can't sing that well. Other then that there all seem really nice and a little crazy at times and very full of energy thats why they like cheetahs.
  • Amazing voices!

    I absolutely love The Cheetah Girls. I saw their movies, and it was amazing how much these girls have improved! They have such wonderful voices and get better every time!

    I am a little disappointed that Raven is only a part of The Cheetah Girls in the movies. I wish she was part of the group in real life as well. Still, I love the sounds those girls make, and their harmonies are so beautiful!

    Their songs get better by the minute! My favourite song is "Cherish the Moment." That's all about enjoying yourself, because once your moment is over, it won't come back, but you will always remember it. Cherish it.

    I hope these girls to a third movie as well.
  • this movie is so bomb!

    cheetah girls is one of the best disney channel movies ever! i could spend all day just watching it and singing the songs! i especially love cheetah giirls 2 it is soooo cool and the songs are a huge step up from the first movie and so are the dance moves i mean wow! the fashio rox and the hairstyles are super stylish like the show tease!spain is just sooo beautiful if i were older richer and spoke in spanish i would totally live there and if theywere really permenently living there it would be soooooooo cool.well ttfn!
  • I like them...

    I like the Cheetah Girls... Even though they were just spun-off from the movie, I think it's great that they turned into a real group. Even though Raven's not in the official group, I think that they're good the way they are now... I mean, they became successful even if they were lacking one... We have Adrienne and Kiely who came from an all-girl band before & are really good singers and we have Sabrina who is a very good dancer... But I still think that it would be better if Raven was in the official group... I think that they're original because they have their own style... They attract kids and teens with just being their selves... They are a positive role model to younger girls too because they don't try to act like other stars...