The Chuckle Brothers





Brampton Bierlow, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

Birth Name

Paul and Barry Elliott




Paul and Barry Elliot are known as Paul and Barry Chuckle (The Chuckle Brothers). They are real life brothers and were both born in Rotherham. From very small ages they used to hold shows in their garden and entertain friends and family with their comedy rountines. In many of the ChuckleVision episodes we see Paul and Barry's older half brothers Jimmy and Brian Patton. They have appeared in many episodes. Paul and Barry are no strangers to writing episodes either. They have wrote quite a good few episodes and they have been brilliant. (But, don't get me wrong every ChuckleVision is brilliant) In Chucklevision episodes Paul and Barry also play their doubles as Dougal and Douglas (as their Scottish relatives). But, not only are Paul and Barry wonderful actors, writers and entertainers there are also singers. They have released a Audio Tape and CD, and they have also sung on Comic Relief. But, Paul and Barry are still going strong with ChuckleVision and touring.