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Dundalk, Ireland

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Jim, Sharon, Caroline and Andrea Corr grew up together with their parents, Jean and Gerry Corr, in Dundalk which is situated in Ireland's beautiful County Louth. Dundalk is a small friendly harbour town, situated mid-way between the cities of Dublin and Belfast on the east coast of Ireland.…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • The birthdates of the group's members:
      Andrea - May 17, 1974
      Caroline - March 17, 1973
      Sharon - March 24, 1970
      Jim - July 31, 1964

    • The Corrs have toured with groups including U2, Celine Dion, The Rolling Stones and Michael Bolton.

    • The band rose to prominence in the late 1990s, and have since sold over 55 million albums worldwide. They have also had numerous number one singles and albums in Europe, Australia and Asia.

    • The Corrs have been fodder for comics in the UK such as French & Saunders and SM: TV Live, usually with jokes about "the three really hot chicks and their invisible brother Jim". The Corrs find the jokes amusing, and have shown clips of the comedy acts at their concerts before they take the stage.

    • Andrea prefers to perform barefoot at concerts, and occasionally Caroline does as well. But backstage Andrea wears a pair of fuzzy slippers which was tossed to her by a fan at one of their performances.

    • The band was officially put together in order for them to audition for the 1991 film The Commitments. Jim, Sharon, and Caroline were given walk-on roles as musicians, while Andrea won a minor speaking part as Sharon Rabbitte, the sister of the Jimmy Rabitte, the band's manager.

    • The Corrs were made Honorary Members of the Order of the British Empire in 2005 for their outstanding contribution to music and charity work. Unfortunately, there were those in their home country of Ireland who took offense to this, since there is a long standing dispute about the status of Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom.

    • Caroline still plays on all their albums, but since 2004 she has been absent or "on light duties" during their tours, since she has three children. Jason Duffy plays the drums in her place when she is unavailable.

    • While only Jim and Caroline are credited with playing the piano on their albums, all four play. They were taught by their father Gerry.

    • Andrea is the main lyric writer of the band.

    • Their single "Breathless" was used by AOL in a commercial for their internet service.

    • Caroline missed the first leg of their tour for the album Borrowed Heaven because she had given birth shortly before it. She rejoined them at Geneva, which came as a great relief to Sharon, who had been performing their duet "No Frontiers" all by herself.

    • The South African singers Ladysmith Black Mambazo appeared as guest artists on the album "Borrowed Heaven", providing background vocals on the title track.

    • The Corrs were only achieving minimal in the US in spite of their tremendous following elsewhere in the world, so for their third album In Blue they collaborated with top producer Mutt Lange. The partnership was a huge success, gaining them a great deal of radio play for songs "Breathless" and "Irresistable", and later they went on to win a grammy for their instrumental song "Rebel Heart" as well as a nomination for "Best New Artist".

    • Their song "No More Cry" from In Blue was written for their father after the death of their mother Jean Corr. Andrea says it's the song that is the most personal for her to sing.

    • The Corrs' hit single "Runaway" didn't get as much airplay in the US as was expected, so they rereleased it on their second album in hopes of growing their American fanbase. They also changed the arrangement of the song, taking out some of the background singing to highlight Andrea's lead vocals.

    • The Corrs were asked to contribute to a Fleetwood Mac tribute album, and did the songs "Dreams". And when The Corrs performed at The Royal Albert Mick Fleetwood joined them on stage for several songs, including "Dreams" and "Toss the Feathers".

    • The Corrs released two different versions of their second album Talk On Corners. Most of the world got the regular edition, but they made one especially for the US, where their popularity wasn't as high. They were all the same songs, but with remixes for "So Young", "Dreams", "What Can I Do?", and "I Never Loved You Anyway". The regular edition also had the extra songs "Love Gives Love Takes", "Don't Say You Love Me", and "Intimacy".

    • Sharon sings lead vocals on the song "Dimming of the Day", and Sharon and Caroline both sing lead on "No Frontiers". All the rest are by Andrea.

    • Andrea was a finalist for the role of Imelda in the movie The Committments, but director Alan Parker decided she was too young. But he remembered her, and he used her in the role of Peron's Mistress in his movie Evita, starring Madonna and Antonio Banderas.

    • In their early years most of the bands' practising was performed in Jim's improvised studio in his house but money was tight so Jim had to acoustically engineer the sound by using items borrowed from the kitchen. All manner of kitchen items were put to use to create an acoustic sound including empty egg cartons and fruit boxes.

    • Their deal with the Atlantic Group led to the band's debut album Forgiven, Not Forgotten which was released in 1995, and has since sold over 2,000,000 copies in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

    • They grew up in Dundalk in Ireland's County Louth, which sits right on the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

    • The band consists of Andrea (lead vocals, tin whistle), Caroline (drums, bodhran, vocals), Sharon (violin, vocals), and Jim (keyboards, guitars, vocals).

  • Quotes

    • Caroline: We had to take it in leaps and bounds as a band. I think that because of all the rehearsals, we used to spend days in that bedroom and in the winter time, it got pretty cold, we'd be doing it till three or four in the morning just to get it right.

    • Jim: We don't think of ourselves as celebrities. You have to keep grounded as there are lots of distractions and temptations in this business and it's not real at times. At the end of the day we're all the same.

    • Andrea: There's a place for violence in a family band, it's the logical conclusion after a hard day's work.

    • Sharon: (on her sister Andrea) We have to keep a leash on Andrea, label all her things. If she doesn't lose something on tour, she'll get lost herself.

    • Jim: Writing an instrumental is challenging, but you're just concentrating on the music and how it weaves with the chords, or backing. When you're writing lyrics on a song, for the lyrics to resonate properly, it's got to be from the heart. It's got to be truthful and honest.

    • Sharon: (on working as a family) Initially it was difficult. But as we have gotten older, we've given each other the space that is needed to stay in it and to keep doing what we're doing. There was conflict but I think that sprung out of feeling very claustrophobic. But you get that in families that spend possibly an unnatural amount of time together.

    • Sharon: (on the death of her mother) It is one of the most upsetting things that can happen to you, but music is a terrific form of expressing your feeling and a terrific outlet for these things.

    • Sharon: (on what music meant to her growing up) It was therapy. If I was in a bad mood I would go and bash the piano for a couple of hours and I would come out feeling great. I still do that today. It is fantastic therapy. Music describes feelings better than words it touches where words can never get to.

    • Andrea: (on losing her mother Jean in 1999) You sometimes get a very dark moment where you feel, 'oh my God, how have I lived without her, how have I laughed, how have I done this, how have I done everything?' You feel quite guilty and shocked all over again. There is something that gets me about actually 'going on'... why haven't I fallen apart?