The Del Vikings

The Del Vikings

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    • The battle for the group name went to court where a judge ruled that the Del Vikings name would be awarded to Mercury records along with any variants.

    • After most of the members left Dot, they signed on with Mercury Records. As a result, there were two sets of Del Vikings. Mercury Records owned the "Del" Vikings, and Dot Records owned the "Dell" Vikings. This action created a great amount of confusion in the music business.

    • Four out of the five members left the group because of being underage when they signed their contract with Fee Bee records. The only remaining member was Kripp Johnson.

    • After being turned away by many major record labels, The Del Vikings signed with Joe Auerbach's Fee Bee Records. He later would lease their signature tune "Come Go with Me" to Dot Records.

    • The original Del Vikings consisted of Clarence E. Quick, Bernard Robertson, Samuel Paterson, Don Jackson, and Corinthian "Kripp" Johnson.

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  • Doo-wop at its finest.

    The del Vikings were that good. They had many hits during their tenure, but I have to say that they are one of my favorite bands of all time. I think Doo-Wop is a great genre of music. It has some really nice tunes and it has influenced Motown considerably. The Del Vikings were great because of the fact that they had managed to make their genre better. I think that they were very much a part of the music era of the 1950's and they have made some music history as well. Overall, they are a good group. Thank you.moreless