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  • he is annoying and evil

    he lost to the undertaker at wrestlemania.he had made out with his wedding planner the day before his wedding.he beat the in a table,ladder,chair match but he cheated to win it.he is the master of tlc.he is the master of the chair.he says he is the master of the ladder but jeff hardy and matt hardy ar the master of the ladder.edge is full of him.he had a la famialia with chavo guerrero, curt hawkins, vickie guerrero, zack ryder bamm neely.edge said to the wedding planner that vickie wears granny panties and then triple h came out and said he has made a video and called it true love and he said roll the footage and edge had let the wedding planner in when vickie wasn't home and then he started to talk then edge said he knot in his shoulder and then he started to make out her and then triple h said he has 3 gifts and showed the the first gift was a sledge hammer then the 2nd gift was a granny pantie and triple h said edge must have got you cover and triple h said what the heck with it he can always park his car under it.
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    He is a good add to U2. U2 is one of my favorite bands ever, and I really think that the Edge just like his bandmates, is very cool and very talented. I really like his style and I really like the way he plays and the way that he does all of his music. He is really an important member of U2, and he is simply great.