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Denver, Colorado

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The Denver based alternative rock band The Fray was formed by Isaac Slade and Joe King and when the two former school friends met up again in a local music store. They soon began a two man-jam sessions that lead to writing songs. Rounding out the lineup with…more


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  • The Fray is a band best known for their famous song How To Save A Life.

    The Fray was formed in 2002 in Denver by Isaac Slade and Joe King, two former schoolmates. Later, they got two of Isaac Slade's friends Dave Welsh and Ben Wysocki. Isaac's brother Caleb joined but was asked to leave. They gained stardom for their hit single How To Save A Life from their album How To Save A Life. Their producer is Epic Records. The Fray has played with many famous bands like: Dave Matthews Band, Augustana, and Jimmy Eat World. Other famous songs from the Fray are: All At Once, Look After You, and Over My Head (Cable Car), I think The Fray is awesome and I hope to continue to hear more great songs from them. Keep up the good work The Fray!moreless
  • I absolutely love them!!!

    The Fray is the band that I've been searching for. I absolutely love them!!! Their soulful lyrics and different style of music are an awesome combination. I just LOVE 'em!!! The first time I heard The Fray was in the their music video for Over My Head (Cable Car) on VH1. At first, I wasn't really into the song, but then, because it was REPEATEDLY played, I started to like the song. I eventually went out and bought their CD. Aside from maybe 2 songs, I LOVE the album. My favorite song of theirs is Trust Me. :) The Fray rocks.moreless