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The Frogmen

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  • The History of the Frogmen.

    The Frogmen were actually a 9 piece rock n roll band from Bakersfield, California, called The Royal Impalas. They became the Frogman for the one record for Candix Records, which became a number one hit called "Underwater". Some call Underwater the first surfing tune. We were one of a very few integrated bands at the time; consisting of 3 Whites, 4 Blacks and 2 Hispanics.

    Only the white members got to go to American Bandstand due to segregation policies that the hotels had in the South and the East had in 1961. The Royal Impalas members were: Bill Doane/Hernandez, Manager and frog sound Leroy Holley, Leader/Sax Rick Scott/Geertsema, Lead Guitar Dennis Carter, Rhythm Guitar Sylvester Lyons, Bass Guitar Bobby Holley, Sax Ralph Celedon, Sax Henry Perkins, Piano Harold Blake, Drums We certainly didn't get rich from the tune but had a lot of fun from the various tours.

    After the Royal Impalas, we went our separate ways in 1963. Rick joined the IV Kings from 1963-1967 and then got out of the music business and into the Diesel Engine Component business for about 40 ears and is now semi retired. Henry, Dennis & Rick got together again in the early 70's in the Los Angeles area and played weekends.

    Rick can be reached at rickatac@msn.commoreless