The Gates Family

The Gates Family

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  • What A Hypocrite!

    Omg...i just watched this episode and I've never seen such ajudgmental, self-centered, hypocrite in my life..(California snob) she eats meat on the sly..veggian my a**...How can someone get on a show about learning how other people live and say that "she had on a polyester shirt and it was out dated". Their is nothing worse then a woman with an attitude like this, who has children..It's a shame..feel sorry for the kids..moreless
  • That women is a typical cali winch

    Barbra Gates is a typical california winch, lies to her family when she got back to them, thinks she is above everybody else, and because she beleives in something she has to put everybody down that does not think the same way she does. She is so mean to her kids and it shows in what they say about her. I sure hope she reads these comments and if she does listen little miss, if i ever see you in the streets of cali and i don't live far from where you are i will spit in your face if i don't hit you first. And as for your whimp husband, grow some gonads and get rid of her. She keep telling everyone that burgers and this food gives you cancer and this is not good for your body,but she was sucking back beers and smoking cigs. Change your bad habits before you try to make someone else change theirsmoreless