The Little River Band

The Little River Band

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  • Little River Band flows back and forth, with little direction in today's touring world.

    The Little River Band was formed in the early 1970's by Glenn Shorrock, Beeb Birtles, and Graeham Goble and became the first Aussie band to reach superstardom. However, personnel changes seemed to be their demise, and the touring band that presently uses the moniker of "Little River Band" has absolutely no original members. Instead, Shorrock, Goble, and Birtles tour in Australia now using simply their names, due to legal reasons, and have yet to cross over into the American market again. It is a shame that "cover bands" are allowed to use the original name of a band they had nothing to do with, but such is the case with this band. Glenn Shorrock is an extremely talented singer and songwriter, and HE is the voice of the Little River Bandmoreless