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    • In 1987, The Pogues co-starred in the indie film Straight To Hell directed by Alex Cox. At it's most basic it was a send-up of spaghetti westerns which also featured Elvis Costello, Joe Strummer, Courtney Love, Dennis Hopper, Grace Jones, and Zander Schloss.

    • In 1988, The Pogues release a documentary video called: Completely Pogued: The Story Of The Pogues In Their Own Words And Music.

    • In 1988, The Pogues released a concert video called The Pogues: Live At the Town and Country.

    • In September 2005, The Pogues released the album Dirty Old Town in UK/Europe. It is a budget priced disc featuring selection of tracks spanning all seven studio albums.

    • Warner Music in association with The Pogues have recently released re-mastered and expanded versions of all seven of The Pogues' studio albums in Europe. The Pogues have overseen this project, supervising the re-mastering process, the artwork and the booklets.
      Each CD contains up to seven additional songs, comprising contemporaneous tracks which were not previously released on The Pogues' albums.

    • As of December 2005, The Pogues are currently touring selected venues throughout the UK.

    • The Pogues take their name from the phrase "Kiss my arse" in Gaelic.

    • In 1990, The Pogues released the EP Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

    • In 1995, The Pogues release the album Pogue Mahone.

    • In 1993, The Pogues release the album Waiting for Herb. It's the first without former frontman, Shane MacGowan.

    • In 1992, The Pogues release the compilation album The Rest of the Best.

    • In 1991, The Pogues release the compilation album The Best of The Pogues.

    • In 1990, The Pogues release the album Hell's Ditch. It was produced by the late Joe Strummer of The Clash, and is the last album Shane MacGowan makes with the group.

    • In 1989, The Pogues release their album Peace and Love.

    • In 1988, The Pogues release their album If I Should Fall From Grace With God.

    • In 1985, The Pogues release their album Rum Sodomy & the Lash.

    • In 1984, The Pogues release their debut album Red Roses for Me.

    • In 1985, Philip Chevron is added to the line-up.

    • In 1984, The band was composed of Shane MacGowan, Jem Finer, James Fearnley, Cait O'Riordan, Andrew Ranken, and Spider Stacy.

    • In 1986, Cait O'Riordan leaves the band when she marries Elvis Costello (who produced the band's 1985 album Rum Sodomy & the Lash).

    • In 1991, Shane MacGowan, one of the founding members, is fired from the band due to his constant problems with alcoholism.

    • The Pogues disbanded in 1996.

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  • Cutting edge, and definitely one of the best bands ever!

    I never quite understood why The Pogues didn't have the commercial success in the US that they achieved overseas, but then I guess Americans weren't ready for Irish folk-punk.

    With some of the most beautiful, poetic, and occasionally tongue-in-cheek lyrics that I've ever heard in my life The Pogues can stand their own against any of the highly successful rock bands of our time.

    They're brilliant. No other word could possibly ever discribe them any better. So, if you haven't checked out their music yet, give it a go! If you enjoy Irish music, punk, or rock in general then you'll probably become as addicted to them as I am.moreless