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The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is an emo, post-hardcore rock band that formed in Middleburg, Florida in 2003. Ronnie Winter is the vocalist, Joey Westwood is the bassist, Duke Kitchens plays backup guitar, and Jon Wilkes plays the drums. Currently, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus has no lead guitar player.

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      2006 - Don't You Fake It
      2006 - Lonely Road

    • The former members of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (and their position in the band) are:

      Elias Reidy - guitar
      Thomas Amason - guitar
      Thomas Wurth - Bass
      Gian Carlo - Drums
      Dorman Pantfoeder - drums

    • Ronnie Winter and Duke Kitchens are the only remaining original members left from when The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus was first formed.

    • Two other names The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus considered using as a band name were Evil Slamina and Umbrella Ninjas.

    • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus co-headlined the 2007 Take Action! Tour, along with the bands Rise Against and My Chemical Romance.

    • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus's debut album, Don't You Fake It, was certified gold four months after it was released.

    • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus chose the name of their band by blindfolding a person and having him randomly pick words on a wall.

    • The song In Fate's Hands was used in the game Madden NFL 2007.

    • Don't You Fake It, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus's debut CD, is certified platinum by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

    • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus's song Face Down peak position on The Billboard Hot 100 was number 25.

    • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus played in Vans Warped Tour 2006 and 2007.

    • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus's debut CD, Don't You Fake It, was released on July 18, 2006.

    • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Guardian Angel Foundation is a charity program ran by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus that gives funds to high school bands that are under funded, helps those who suffer abuse restore their lives and stop the abuse, and gives funding to research and develop a program that manages hyperglycemia in hospitalized patients.

    • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus's second CD, Lonely Road, was released on February 3rd, 2009.

    • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is signed with Virgin Records.

    • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus's street team/fan community is called "The Alliance".

    • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus have their own clothing line at Kohl's called " Tony Hawk Underground".

    • Track listings for their album, Don't You Fake It:

      1. In Fate's Hands
      2. Waiting
      3. False Pretense
      4. Face Down
      5. Misery Loves It's Company
      6. Cat And Mouse
      7. Damn Regret
      8. Atrophy
      9. Seventeen Ain't So Sweet
      10. Justify
      11. Your Guardian Angel

  • Quotes

    • Ronnie: Face Down is about my family, my personal story. I write all the lyrics, and the only thing I know how to do is tell the truth-so I write about my friends, my family. We're very real, as far as lyrics go. I haven't been a singer for very long, [and this is] just how I do it.

    • Ronnie: (about the band's name) It's 100 percent completely arbitrary. When we started the band, we only cared about having a good time and writing good songs far more than coming up with some symbolic, incredibly intelligent name.

    • Elias: (about the band's name) I think it's funny when bands scramble their brains to try and come up with some unique, untouchable band name. Why waste time thinking of something when we could be concentrating on music instead? The locals loved it, so we went with it.

    • Elias: (in an interview during December 2006) We haven't been overexposed at all. We're very pleased at how our presentation has gone through so far. It's like the channels are just now jumping on the bandwagon. As far as we're concerned, we're into that. We've already gained that hardcore, strong fanbase without the exposure for the last year.

    • Elias Reidy: (about the song "Face Down") That was a song personally inspired by Ronnie's own experience with domestic violence. Every concept of every song is a true event that has happened to Ronnie himself, one of us, or somebody we know. [Domestic abuse is] also something I've experienced myself, as well. We figured, 'What better way to reach out to people and talk about it as a topic than to write a song about it?'

    • Elias: (about being on the Take Action! tour) For me, personally, it's like a dream come true. Every day, I'm appreciative of being alive. The Take Action! Tour, it's so cool for me because it's a tour I've gone to since I was a kid. I'm only 20, and I've seen that tour as far back as six years ago. I got to see a lot of my favorite bands on that tour, like Thursday and Poison the Well. For every band in the modern rock world, it's a must to play the Take Action! Tour to get that under your belt. We're proud to headline it.

  • probably the best pop punk band in the world.

    thats right they are good but i hope that they would turn to a metal band and have metal core vocals.they are a pop punk band but i still think that they are a little emo not that i have an issue with far the best song is face down and false pretanse.i like the fact htat thee lead singer always like to scream in high pitched soung and did i mention that their 2nd album lonely road is a very good album. you better pray is a very good single and i believe that they will go very far.moreless