The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones

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Rolling Stones
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The Rolling Stones formed in 1962, when Mick Jagger met Keith Richards and Brian Jones. They decided that they'll form a Rhythm & Blues band. Then, Bill Wyman , Charlie Watts and Ian Stewart joined the band. In the '60s they became very successful with songs like Satisfaction,…more


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  • yeah!

    This is a pretty good rock and roll band, even though i only like a few of there songs but the songs i like are just amazing, but they have a lot of songs i just don't care about and won't listen to them ever again. They will never be as big as The Beatles were and they were around for only 10 years, and they are still touring and I'm not sure if they are making any new music (If they are its probably really bad). I still can't believe Keith Richards is still alive that guy looks older than my dead great grandpa and he has been dead for 40 years.moreless
  • THE GREATEST ROCK AND ROLL BAND OF ALL TIME. No question about it. SOOOO many hit singles. The Beatles? The Who? Nah no way, the Stones top the charts. 1961 they began and they still have sellout concerts today! Holy cow!moreless

    No one is more innovative than the Stones. Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Brian Jones, Bill Wyman, Ian Stewart, Ron Wood, Mick Taylor, they're all incredible. They do it all: Pop Rock, Psychadellic Rock, Folk Rock, Hard Rock, you just can't beat them. The longevity is just unmatchable and unthinkable. The Stones will never die. $150 for a concert ticket and sold out in just a few weeks! If you wanna see these guys you'd better get your ticket fast. They DOMINATED rock in the 60s', 70s', and 80s' and although they arent at as fast a pace now, they still top all rock and roll charts.moreless