The Smiths

The Smiths

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One day Johnny Marr and Morrissey were sitting in Morrissey's house when Morrissey started scratching the worlds "The Smiths" on a large piece of cardboard. Morrissey hadn't intended the name to stick, but Johnny loved the name. It was the idea that the name was simple that made…more


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  • The Queen is Dead.

    If you are clever and lucky in this life, you realize that somethings and some people are unique in their beauty and only come along once in a lifetime. Such is the case with the Smith's The Queen Is Dead, this album/disc is no mere pop confection, cranked out amongst the zillions of others from that decade. No this is a finely crafted masterpiece, much like the work of a talented author, it is more of a document or an article of declaration, than a mere pop record. This was the soundtrack to life for so many youth of its time. The Smiths were a one of a kind event that occurred for a brief moment in time. That happened in a quick,brilliant flash and then burned out, let us thank the heavens for recorded music.moreless